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New visionary report on the Danish healthcare system in 2030

August 17, 2017

A new visionary report on future challenges and opportunities in the Danish healthcare system by 2030 has just been published and will be presented at this year’s Hospital + Innovation Congress during WHINN.

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Future Health 2030

Innovative hospital bed provides its own cleaning

August 16, 2017

A Danish case study pioneers hospital logistics with the development of robots to transport hospital beds for cleaning.

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Hospitalsseng (1)

Germany shows great interest in Danish healthcare solutions

August 11, 2017

A German delegation visits Denmark to learn about hospital construction and Danish experiences with outpatient treatment and acute care.

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Delegation RKH 08.2017

Your vaccine might offer a higher level of protection than assumed

August 09, 2017

According to Danish research, there might be side benefits associated with the use of vaccines. New results offer a new perspective on existing recommendations within healthcare.

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Nyhed 09.08.17

Denmark awarded an acknowledged design award for an innovative hospital construction

August 07, 2017

Region of Southern Denmark was recently granted an acknowledged design award by the International Academy for Design & Health in the cathegory Mental Health Project.

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Ministry of Health from Singapore shows interest in Danish e-health and telemedicine

August 04, 2017

A delegation from the Ministry of Health from Singapore visits Denmark to learn more from the Danish experience with e-health and telemedicine.

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Singapore delegation (1)

Danish pharmaceutical companies are among the most open in the world

August 03, 2017

According to AllTrials Transparency Index, Danish pharmaceutical companies hold a top position in their willingness to share clinical data with the public.

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Danish cancer treatment shows great results

August 02, 2017

University Hospital Aarhus are treating patients with a warm chemotherapy bath that give less side effects than normal treatment and gives the patients higher chances of survival.

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Healthy meal boxes to prevent readmissions of elderly

July 19, 2017

In a new project, two Danish municipalities provide healthy meal boxes to elderly people with the objective to reduce the number of hospital readmissions.

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Meal Boxes

Danish cancer research among world's best

July 14, 2017

A new analysis shows that research from the Danish Cancer Society is among the world’s best.

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Cancer Research
Kroatian Minister Of Health
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Ministerial delegation visit from Croatia

"I am pleased with everything I have seen and with the hospitality extended to me and my colleagues during our stay in Denmark. We are grateful to the Healthcare DENMARK team for being wonderful hosts to us and for the excellent organization of our visit."

- Dario Nakić, Croatian Minister of Health

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