Breakthrough in fighting childhood obesity

August 18, 2014
Obesity Obese by Marjan Lazarevski,
A special method developed by Holbæk Hospital, to treat obese children and youths, is so succesful that it is being used all over the country.

A special method developed by Holbæk Hospital, to treat obeseity in children and youths, is so succesful that the method is now used by municipal health staff and dieticians all over the country. So far, over 700 obese children have been treated using the method.

The initial results show that 80 % of children have experienced significant weight loss during their six months treatment program: a treatment response so far unprecedented.

The method involves the entire family around the child. The family is coached and monitored by a health visitor and a dietician depending on their particular needs and each family follows a tailored schedule as well as a list of 10-20 specific points designed to help the family help the child lose weight.

The project is a groundbreaking collaboration between eight municipalities and pediatrics from Holbæk Hospital. The project is a breakthrough because it has proved successful in treating a complex group of children, with improvements visible in all children despite their age, degree of obesity and social relations.

Kroatian Minister Of Health
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