Danish hospital introduces pioneering method to improve clinical processes

March 20, 2017
Taking Blood Sample (1)
As the first hospital in the world, North Denmark Regional Hospital introduces a new and pioneering method that will benefit patients and improve clinical processes.

In the emergency ward at North Denmark Regional Hospital, a pioneering method for calculating arterial blood gas has been introduced. The method is called v-TAC™ and has been successfully tested through a one-year pilot study in the emergency ward. The results show that v-TAC™ is an effective, reliable method for estimating arterial blood gas without requiring an arterial puncture, which can be very painful for the patients. Thus, the method will benefit patients and at the same time improve the hospital’s clinical processes.

”v-TAC™ is a quantum leap forward for emergency ward patients, because  v-TAC™ spares patients unnecessary pain and allows us to better overview the patient's treatment.The method will be the norm going forward at North Denmark Regional Hospital”, says Medical Director Claus Brøckner Nielsen according to a press release.

v-TAC™ is used for calculating arterial blood gas on the basis of a venous blood sample combined with an oxygen saturation measurement. The introduction of the new method has reduced the number of unpleasant and painful arterial punctures in screening to less than half, while screening more than twice as many patients.

Other advantages include systematic screening and faster results, improvement in work flow and optimization of patient admission.

North Denmark Regional Hospital is the first hospital in the world to introduce the ground-breaking method by Danish company OBI Medical ApS. Currently, pilot programmes are also up and running in Sweden, Germany and England.

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