Danish medtech company successfully adapts to US market

April 20, 2017
Ambu US
In the past four years, Danish medtech company Ambu has grown its US business significantly as the result of strategic focus, targeted acquisition and cultural change.

Ambu A/S is a Danish medtech company with global operations. One of the keys to Ambu’s success is the willingness and ability to adapt to local markets across the globe. The company has been present in the US since 1983 and has had a stable business driven by high-quality products. However, in order to increase US business, Ambu has taken a new and successful approach.

The new approach originated from Ambu’s company strategy that emphasized growth through taking market share and acquiring new businesses. In 2013, Ambu acquired US company King Systems, which meant an expansion of the product portfolio and a manufacturing site in Indianapolis.

Ambu put a new US sales management team in place with a mentality and vision leading to cultural change. This involved an increased focus on performance-based compensation and considerable investments in the US Sales and Marketing organization increasing the number of sales representatives, as well as supporting functions as sales training and business analysis.

As a result of this strategic focus, Ambu’s US turnover has close to tripled since 2012.

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