Denmark is officially number one in digitization in the EU

November 16, 2021

Last week, the European Commission published the results of the 2021 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI). The Report tracks the progress made in EU Member States in digital competitiveness in the areas of human capital, broadband connectivity, the integration of digital technologies by businesses and digital public services. Last year, Denmark was ranked in third place, while being ranked as number one this year.

The DESI report highlights that 92 pct. of internet users in Denmark have made use of digital public services within the past year. This means that Denmark has the highest proportion of users of public digital services in the EU.

In the report, Denmark excels in the many digital initiatives that have supported the Danish COVID-19 management. In the autumn of 2020, automatic one-off payments to 2 million Danes were made in less than 8 days as a subsidy during the pandemic and stimulation of the economy.

Overall, Denmark is a leader in digitization according to the DESI report. The common public digitalization strategy is mentioned as one of the reasons and at the same time the digitalization partnership, which was established by the Danish Government in March 2021, is highlighted as a valuable initiative to maintain Denmark as a digital country of progress.