Heavy resistance training helps patients with multiple sclerosis

August 28, 2017
A new Danish study recommends heavy resistance training for patients with multiple sclerosis to prevent progression of disease and improve physical mobility.

15 years ago, patients suffering from multiple sclerosis were recommended not to do heavy exercise. Physicians believed that heavy exercise potentially accelerated progression of the disease.

A Danish study disproves the validity of these recommendations with the results of a newly published case-control trial. The study enrolled 35 participants suffering from multiple sclerosis and had a duration of six months. The intervention group did heavy resistance training twice a week as opposed to the control group, who did not receive any interventions.  

The results show that heavy resistance training have several positive benefits: The intervention group had better physical mobility and suffered less from fatigue than the control group. Post intervention, MR scans further documented neuroprotective effects of heavy resistance training compared to MR scans of the control group, resulting in a slower progression of disease.

Read more about the trial here.

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