New digital visitor centre to promote Danish healthcare innovation

October 26, 2021

On October 27, Healthcare DENMARK proudly presents a new digital visitor centre with the purpose to further strengthening the international branding and promotion of innovative Danish healthcare products and solutions.

International decision-makers show great interest in the development of the Danish healthcare system and in the Danish positions of strengths within health and welfare. The interest can be seen, among other things, through an increasing demand for Danish solutions. The new digital visitor centre will along with the physical visitor centre, Nation of Health, contribute to further stimulation of this demand, and thus increase competitiveness and pave the way for new export agreements for Danish companies.

Healthcare DENMARK was, as a part of the Danish recovery and resilience plan post-COVID-19, granted 2.5 million DKK from the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs to establish a digital visitor centre to promote innovative Danish healthcare solutions internationally. The idea behind the digital visitor centre originates from the challenges that Healthcare DENMARK faced organising international delegation visits to Denmark when restrictions were imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have been looking forward to this day. Now, we can finally put the new digital visitor centre into use and present the narrative about the Danish healthcare system as a virtual experience to our international delegations. We are very proud that the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs has granted 2.5 million DKK to the development of this fantastic project,” says Jakob Skaarup Nielsen, CEO of Healthcare DENMARK.

One of the main purposes of the digital visitor centre is to create further contact and dialogue between international decision-makers, Danish organisations, and Danish operators within the healthcare sector.

The digital visitor centre’s main room has taken visual inspiration from the physical visitor centre Nation of Health and, in addition, several thematised rooms will focus on the Danish positions of strength within the healthcare sector. Through a virtual experience, the digital visitor centre can present both the broad and the more specific narrative about the Danish healthcare system.

The launch of the digital visitor centre will also mark a relaunch of the physical visitor centre, Nation of Health, which was inaugurated on October 28, 2020, under COVID-19 restrictions.

Healthcare DENMARK and the Danish Industry Foundation have established the national visitor centre, Nation of Health, in Forskerparken in Odense, in close collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark, UCL University College, the Region of Southern Denmark, and Odense Municipality. Forskerparken’s location is ideal as there is plenty of opportunities for interaction and synergies between national and local operators such as MedCom and Also, Forskerparken is very close to the New Odense University Hospital – the largest new-built hospital in Denmark.