Virtual reality used in planning of new hospital construction

March 28, 2017
VR-Nyt-Hospital-Nordsjælland-01 Foto: Nyt Hospital Nordsjælland
Virtual reality has been incorporated in the planning process of the New North Zealand Hospital in the Capital Region of Denmark.

In the Capital Region of Denmark, the project organization behind the construction of the New North Zealand Hospital in Hillerød has decided to invest in a virtual reality studio. Use of the studio aims to give all the involving parties the possibility to ‘step into’ the new hospital and test flows, wayfinding and work tasks, before the cut of first sod is taken in 2019.

The use of virtual reality technology also gives the personnel the opportunity to give input early on in the process, thus creating ownership and excitement about the new hospital project.

The advantage of using the technology is minimization of errors in the construction process, as a correction of the construction plans after initiation of the project could otherwise turn out to be very costly.

The virtual reality studio was delivered by Danish company BIM Equity.

Read more about BIM Equity here.

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