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With offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Oslo, AART architects is a leading Nordic architectural company. Over the years, AART architects has designed a wide range of projects in the field of healthcare architecture - ranging from major hospitals and psychiatry clusters to emergency departments and neurorehabilitation centres. In each project, the company strives to push the potential of modern healthcare architecture with a view to designing space for therapeutic and operational efficiency in the absolute elite.

Products and solutions

Healthcare architecture

AART architects works at the intersection between research and practice in order to offer highly specialised consultancy in healthcare architecture. Based on research-based design processes, the company brings new ideas into play in their desire to combine healing architecture with operational efficiency and highly functional operating solutions. Learn more ›

Case stories

aart_glostrup_exterior.jpg (1)
Neurorehabilitation centre

Neurorehabilitation centre

The new neurorehabilitation centre at Glostrup Hospital combines state-of-the-art knowledge on healing architecture with highly specialised physical frameworks.

The centre offers 125 bed rooms for rehabilitation of patients with severe brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. In addition, it offers training facilities equipped with advanced rehabilitation technology, a training pool, and a multi-functional training hall as well as outpatient clinics and sections dedicated to research. Learn more ›

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The New Hospital in West

The New Hospital in West (in Danish 'DNV-Gødstrup') is situated near Herning and offers therapeutic and operational efficiency in the absolute elite. At the same time, it is designed to being perceived as friendly and accommodating by the patients, the relatives and the staff.

Based on evidence-based design, the hospital enhances the relation between inside and outside by integrating the surrounding landscape as a vital part of the building design. The Jutlandic landscape thus forms the inspiration for the project’s use of the materials, which calls to mind a homely atmosphere instead of the clinic atmosphere of a traditional hospital.


Jesper Hallstrøm Eriksen

AART architects

Aaboulevarden 22, 5th floor
8000 Aarhus

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