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ALECTIA uses its many years of experience from Denmark and abroad to create functional healthcare buildings that meet the needs of both patients and staff regarding quality, safety and economy. We understand how important patient safety, hygiene requirements, indoor climate and a high level of comfort are to staff and patients alike. Whether it is refurbishing existing hospital wards or planning new, large and complex hospital buildings, ALECTIA offers advice for all phases of a construction project – from analysis and planning stages through to commissioning. 

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Construction Projectsalectia

Construction Projectsalectia offers advice across a full range of building project types encompassing refurbishments, upgrades, extensions and new builds. We address all project phases – from idea and project development, design and planning to project implementation and building operation. We help our clients find the right technical solutions, and we provide advice on the formulation of technical specifications, the choice of solution principles and the development of tender and project documentation, forming the contractual basis of ensuing construction activities.
LOGISTIC SIMULATIONS: ALECTIA’s simulation model (LogiSim) enables us to test and validate processes, design, dimensioning, bottlenecks and critical issues and to optimize distribution and usage profiles.  Learn more ›

Sustainability – Water, Energy, and Environment

ALECTIA is among the leading consultants on water, energy and environment. We integrate sustainability with regards to natural habitats, water, energy and the environment into our projects. We provide consultancy on energy, CO2 reduction and water systems, including water resource management, wastewater treatment and clean water distribution. We are specialists in the areas of industrial environmental analysis, soil and ground water contamination and nature rehabilitation. Combining expert knowledge with a century of engineering experience, we help the health sector to develop sustainable solutions for green growth.  Learn more ›

Productive, Safe, and Healthy Working Environment

We know that investments in a good working environment make sense and contribute to maintaining and improving a company’s productivity and image. As Denmark’s largest occupational health and safety consultant, ALECTIA is the preferred partner for creating attractive and productive work places in the health sector. We advise public and private companies and organizations on creating healthier, safer and more productive workplaces. We offer a wide range of services – from consultancy on physical and psychological working environments, acoustics and noise, health and safety, stress and job satisfaction to HR management and organizational development.  Learn more ›

Case stories


The New University Hospital in Aarhus (DNU)

As part of The Consulting Group DNU, ALECTIA is involved in the construction of the largest and most complicated hospital in Danish history: The New University Hospital in Aarhus (DNU). The project has a budget of EUR 851 million. DNU is the first of several super hospitals which will be built in Denmark over the next 10 years. DNU will become the largest hospital in Northern Europe with room for 4000 patients every day, and it will be the largest workplace in Aarhus with approx. 9500 employees. 


New Regional Sterile Services Department at Copenhagen University Hospital (Rigshospitalet)

The Capital Region of Denmark will gather all its instrument sterilisation services in two regional sterile services departments in order to ensure a consistent level of quality. ALECTIA has been appointed as full-service consultant for the construction of Department 1, which will be built at Copenhagen University Hospital (Rigshospitalet) along with a new goods terminal. The project has a budget of 47 million EUR and is scheduled to be finished by September 2016.  


The New Super Hospital in Køge

Together with two other consultancy companies, ALECTIA has won the competition to build the new Køge University Hospital, which has a budget of EUR 540 million. Køge University Hospital will be a threefold expansion of the existing Køge Hospital and will have a total area of 177,000 m2. The project is visionary in terms of both architecture and functionality. There will be a high flexibility in relation to the management of the hospital’s functionality with great opportunities to support Region Zealand’s vision of ensuring holistic patient care. 


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