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AudioCura is focused on the use of music in the treatment and care of patients in healthcare. To make music intervention practically applicable AudioCura has developed, and continues to develop, a range of products that fit into the workflow and hygiene in healthcare and, not least, that give the right response to therapy with music. We strive towards making the hospital stay more pleasant for the patients by reducing stress, pain and anxiety - with evidence based music intervention

Products and solutions

Music intervention in intensive care units

In intensive care units music intervention is used to improve patients’ mental and physical condition. It has been demonstrated, through several clinical studies, that ICU patients who receive music intervention, experience reduced anxiety, stress and pain and thus are better able to handle their situation. Moreover, in several cases, both lower heart rate and respiratory rate can be measured. Learn more ›

Music intervention in ambulances

In ambulances music intervention is used to make the transport of patients to and from the treatment as comfortable as possible. Studies show that patients who receive music intervention during transport experience reduced anxiety and stress. This allows for better treatment of the patient. Learn more ›

Case stories

Reduction of force in psychiatric institutions

Aalborg Psychiatric Hospital has worked hard on trying to reduce force on psychiatric patients. After installing our music intervention with patient controlled music, they have experienced more calm patients and a reduction in use of force. Learn more ›

Music intervention in recovery rooms

Our music intervention products are installed in recovery rooms at Aarhus University Hospital and the nurses here experience less patient call


Kim Rishøj

AudioCura ApS

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Kroatian Minister Of Health
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Ministerial delegation visit from Croatia

"I am pleased with everything I have seen and with the hospitality extended to me and my colleagues during our stay in Denmark. We are grateful to the Healthcare DENMARK team for being wonderful hosts to us and for the excellent organization of our visit."

- Dario Nakić, Croatian Minister of Health

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