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The main purpose of a BandCizer solution is to offer a technology that helps and assists participants in rehabilitation programs. A BandCizer solution offers flexible rehabilitation and enables participants to do exercises at home or at work with nearly the same quality feedback from the system, as real therapists would provide. The BandCizer solution simply consist of a sensor, paired with an iPhone, iPad or PC. It is easy to use everywhere e.g. on vacations or at work. The exercise is monitored and analyzed for compliance, performance and pain level indicated by the standardized VAS – Visual Analogue Scale. The solution motivates and reminds the user to do the exercises through live bio-feedback and push-notifications, combined with statistics that visualize progress and effect, throughout the training course.

Products and solutions

A BandCizer solution increases quality of training and rehabilitation, and at the same time it emancipates therapist resources and skills to users with more complex needs.

Municipalities and regions are under pressure to become more efficient and they are forced to economize the health care budget. Rehabilitation is a heavy budget entry and there is a need for ideas and solutions that are cost effective. Performing home exercises is a necessary and essential parameter in rehabilitation courses if the participant has to improve. Research and studies address the lack of compliance and adherence to home exercise programs, and the major inhibitors include: Uncertainty about how to perform the exercises, and absent visible effect and progress. These factors inhibit motivation, which in turn can lead to low priority and “forgetfulness”. Learn more ›

A unique “Training sensor” that add the crucial Force measurement with the array of motion sensing.

The BandCizer can provide live bio-feedback, support “gamification” and reveal performance parameters such as “Time Under Tension” and “Compliance”. The force sensing and live feedback are both unique features of the sensor. The user interface consists of four parts:
- Administration, the therapist and the user can easily design a training program.
- Calendar, the scheduled trainings are registered.
- Training, the participant receive live instruction and bio-feedback.
- Results, the data about the performed exercise is visualized. Learn more ›

BandCizer is patented worldwide and is the only sensor that can be placed directly on resistance bands.

The sensor provide feedback for resistance band training, and can support other popular home training, including walking (pedometer), exercise bicycles (distance and velocity), free exercises (repetitions and intensity) and balancing boards (motion). Learn more ›

Case stories

The BandCizer solution is constantly tested and further developed in cooperation with researchers, Danish municipalities and universities.

The stated mission is that the content of the BandCizer software is scientifically documented and based on evidence. The first version App is developed in collaboration with physiotherapists and endusers in Odense municipality. This is done by a public-private-innovation project funded by Syddansk Vækstforum and Den Europæiske Fond for Regionaludvikling. The App contains e.g. resistance band exercises and visualization of the outcome and results of the exercise. Therapists and executives are offered the possibility of monitoring the exercises performed by the endusers. Learn more ›


Anja Semke

BandCizer ApS

Møllemarksvej 27B
5200 Odense V

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