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Chromaviso is leading in ergonomic lighting solutions in the health sector . We offer Ergonomic Light for surgery - a flexible , zoned colored light. In addition, the all-new ergonomic circadian rhythm light - an expanded dynamic light that supports the natural circadian rhythm and can be adapted to specific work situations. We have more than 700 installations and our light creates optimum lighting conditions for patients and staff . It is recommended by doctors, nurses and researchers across Northern Europe. Our solutions are based on deep insight in user needs, expertise in light and intelligent management, and technical skills to deliver a quality product that works - also in the future.

Products and solutions

Ergonomic Light

Ergonomic Light is a flexible, zoned colored light for surgical and examination rooms. It is a high-tech tool to avoid reflections on screens and clarify contrasts. The light is adapted to the different work functions , such as cleaning, receiving patients and laparoscopy and easily operated via a specially designed control panel.

Ergonomic Light consists of white light, as well as the patented combination of red and green light, and has a number of significant advantages:

- Prevents reflection in monitors and optimises picture quality
- Less fatigue
- Increases safety and working environment
- Can be operated from the touch screen in the sterile field
- Daylight Simulation between procedures Learn more ›

Ergonomic Circadian Rhythm Light

Ergonomic Circadian Rhythm Light is a refined dynamic light which ensures a link between natural and artificial light. The light rises with the sun, is strongest at midday and at night turns in to a specially developed night light, which does not interfere with the circadian rhythm of patients and staff. This particular composition of light has a stabilising effect on the circadian rhythm .

In addition, the light has more ergonomic settings that can be adjusted to the different activities in each room.

The light is easily operated by both staff and patients through user-friendly panels - either centrally or in each room. Learn more ›

Case stories


Aabenraa Psychiatric Hospital

Aabenraa Psychiatric Hospital is Denmark's largest Ergonomic Circadian Rhythm Light installation

It is an installation, where the light supports the body's natural circadian rhythm and also ensures the proper lighting for various activities.

Users of Ergonomic Circadian Rhythm Light points to factors such as: improved well-being, less fatigue, better sleep, staff sleep better after a night shift and feel more rested when they wake up. Learn more ›


Chromaviso, Ane Eskildsen


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