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CSC leads clients in their digital transformation journey and provides business value by delivering innovative next-generation IT solutions and services through population health management, care coordination, patient engagement, agile health and mobility solutions that leverage deep industry expertise on a global scale. Our people help commercial and international as well as national clients solve their toughest challenges by modernizing their business processes with health-technology solutions, that leverage deep industry expertise, global scale, technology independence and an extensive partner community.

Products and solutions

CSC Clinical Suite™

CSC Clinical Suite™ is an electronic patient record that covers the whole hospital across professions, departments, specialities and organization. The solution is flexible and user-friendly, and the hospital can adjust the record structure, clinical overviews, note templates and coherent working procedures themselves to make them fit the needs of the organization concerning contents and structure of activities and documentation. Learn more ›


CSC VITAE Suite™ is an advanced and well-tested solution for administrators and staff in the social, health and care sector. It is the only solution on the market to support a coherent, coordinated engagement in the individual citizen. With CSC VITAE Suite™ you can work according to the motto 'one citizen - one record' across all three sectors – with the necessary control of security and access. Learn more ›


CSC LABKA II™ is a laboratory information and production planning system for test ordering, analysis and results reporting. The system communicates with a whole host of cutting-edge laboratory equipment, including pre-analytical equipment.
LABKAII manages laboratory test requesting, distribution of tasks, collection and processing of results, validation, approval, reporting, data exchange and quality assurance. Learn more ›

CSC Notus Suite™

CSC Notus Suite™ is comprehensive lines of products that solves a wide range of tasks within primary healthcare. NOTUS Suite ™ supports the cooperation between providers, regions, municipalities and citizens and help to realize the coherent healthcare community.


CSC has years of experience in processing data for clinical quality assurance. Since year 2000 CSC have delivered web-based solutions within this field, e.g. to the National Indicator Project. The web technology makes CSC able to provide inexpensive and technically simple solutions. This can be a web-based tool which make it possible for the customer - possibly in collaboration with CSC - to build their own clinical quality databases.

CSC pre-hospital solution (PPJ)

CSC pre-hospital solution (PPJ) is an integrated electronic patient record covering the entire pre-hospital patient history from event of injury to reception and admission to hospital. The solution ensures an uninterrupted flow of information with patient data, including vital data about the patient's condition – From the moment the patient is in need of help, receive treatment from the ambulance personnel and emergency doctors and when the patient is received in a clinic or emergency department.

Case stories


CSC is working with Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group in England, on a first-of-its-kind care co-ordination center. The innovative Trafford Care Co-ordination Centre aim to provide patients, families and care providers with significantly improved patient experience and efficiency across Trafford's healthcare system. Learn more ›

Pre-hospital patient record

Did you know that CSC is delivering digital patient records to all Danish ambulances in Denmark which saves time and lives? Learn more ›


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