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Epikon is a consulting company 100% focused on the healthcare sector. Our consultants know the healtcare sector's special terms in depth and we have worked with numerous public and private companies in Denmark and the Nordic region. Epikon believes in the value of long-term customer relationships, and we take pride in helping our clients with consulting and project management of the highest quality. Our experience in the healthcare sector is extensive, our motivation is high, and we will do our best to be our customers' preferred consultancy.

Products and solutions

Healthcare IT

IT is more than ever the healthcare sector's Achilles heel. Too much time is wasted logging in and out of systems - systems without all the needed functinality, systems with too much functionality, systems that do not communicate across a hospital or across sector boundaries.

In Epikon we work to eliminate these problems by giving healthcare professionals the right tools and data, so that work can be more effective, quality can be increased, frustration levels lowered and patients can have a natural role in their own treatment. Learn more ›

Business cases

Healthcare continuously renews itself through projects and investments. Decision processes are carried out based on analysis of needs, market research and business cases - and effects and results are evaluated.

Epikon has extensive experience in organizing and facilitating decision making and preparing business cases. Learn more ›

Optimizing operations

At Epikon we aim to establish more than optimal workflows.

We believe that the proper focus on Lean and continuous improvements can create even better healthcare with optimized utilization of resources and capacity, better flow and quality of patient care and a better working environment for employees. Learn more ›

Business intelligence

Healthcare leaders must navigate in a landscape characterized by complex subject areas and environments, critical decisions and ethical and political dilemmas. Easy and quick access to relevant information is key at all levels.

At Epikon we design and implement management information tailored to each organization's strategy and specific needs. Learn more ›

Sourcing and procurement

In Epikon we have extensive experience in managing and implementing tender procedures and procurement efficiently and accurately. We know the procurement regulations, markets and opportunities and can contribute in all stages, from the initial decisions about the supply, implementation and operation follow-up. Learn more ›

Case stories

Implementation of KIS at UNN

Universitetssykehus Nord-Norge (UNN) has implemented a new management process and a Quality Information System to support it. Epikon has assisted in the solution design and the tender, and has managed the configuration and implementation of the solution in the whole organization.

Optimizing capacity and flow at Helsingør Hospital

Epikon has assisted Helsingør Hospital in it implementation of a capacity optimizing simulation tool designed to reduce waiting times and optimize flow. As a part of Epikons assignment, we assessed the potential benefits and the readiness for change before planning and preparing the implementation.

Sundhedsplatformen - tender

Epikon has assisted the tender team from Siemens in designing and delivering Siemens's contributions in the Sundhedsplatform tender process based on our knowledge of Danish Healthcare IT and our understanding of the needs of the customers, Region Hovedstaden and Region Sjælland.

Cross-sector digital communication within Healthcare

For The Danish Ministry of Health Epikon has analyzed the digital communication between municipal healthcare and the hospital sector in order to document the present volume of communication, barriers to exploiting the present communication and to increase communication, including assessment of healthcare and management processes influenced by cross-sector digital communication.

Business case on the national telemedicine solution for wound treatment.

Medcom has implemented the first nation-wide Telemedicine solution supporting the cooperation between wound treatment specialists in hospitals and healthcare workers in the municipalities. Epikon has developed a business case model and has at three important steps in the project analyzed data and evaluated the expected costs and benefits of introducing this solution.

A nation wide EHR for Iceland - initial project assessment

On behalf of the The Icelandic Welfare Ministry Epikon has analyzed the expected costs of implementing a new EHR system covering both primary and secondary healthcare in all of Iceland. Epikon used a triangular approach consisting of a Request For Information (RFI), a thorough international project analysis and an expert assessment.


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