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EvidenceProfile develops scientifically validated web and app based assessment tools for the care provider and the person to be taken care of with the aim of improving quality of life and improving quality of care. The tools are visual and easy-to-use tools for

• Education

• Monitoring and collecting knowledge

• Communication

• Goal setting

• Documentation and evaluation

• Quality assessment and improvement

The tools can be used standalone as well as be implemented in platforms like EMR.

Products and solutions


DoloTest® is a CE certified online and app based scientifically validated pain- and quality of life assessment tool for patient reported outcome. DoloTest® is a powerful tool in the management of long-term health conditions. It takes less than 2 minutes for a patient to complete and provides an easy understandable visual presentation of the results.
DoloTest® is efficient for communication, overview, goal setting and treatment plans, as well as evaluation of the effect of treatment.
Documentation is automatically collected when using DoloTest®, without further action and use of time and is also easy to use for e.g. scientific purposes.
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Case stories

Dolotest In Painsense
DoloTest in PainSense

DoloTest in NHS App in England

DoloTest® is included as part of “PainSense”, a mobile-application that help patients manage their life with pain, healthcare professionals to provide individualized optimal care and save healthcare costs.
PainSense is developed by ADI-Healthcare in England
The PainSense app improves supported self-care and is integrated into NHS systems with safe sharing of records across secure health systems allowing healthcare professionals to monitor patient progress and deliver improved patient outcomes. Furthermore has the data from PainSense been integrated into NHS provider systems.
PainSense has proven improved outcome of care and reduced NHS costs at the same time.
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