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Idify make it possible to help individuals living with dementia and other cognitive challenges to better quality of everyday life, and help to live life on their own terms as long as possible. Idify is based on extensive national and international scientific experience and evidence, including the theories of Tom Kitwood and the Marte Meo methods . Dementia Scientists, leaders in dementia practice and medical doctors contribute in different ways to Idify's development. Idify gives quick and easy acces in daily care to the knowledge and insight the staff need to create an equal and dignified care situation.

Products and solutions

Idify Timeline

Idify Timeline is an online platform which is accessed from all online tools and devices as well as downloadable to tablets.

Individuals with dementia get the possibility to, themselves and/or through helpers, describe the story of his or her life including habits and preferences, in text, images and video. It creates access to share this unique knowledge with nursing staff. Similarly, relatives and caregivers can communicate through Idify thus creating common resources and greater inclusion.

Idify Timeline is the tool that brings back the ability to communicate to the individual with dementia.
- Personal history
- Experiences and preferences
- Personal values
- Relationships Learn more ›

Idify Feed

Idify Feed is a helper-app for smartphone. It is usable only with an Idify Timeline profile. It is a tool for adding content like snapshots and video to a Timeline. Idify Feed includes a possibility to "chat" and or leave messages for the caring staff and relatives around an individual.

Case stories

Please request for cases

Idify has since initial launch in April 2014 been introduced to care centers and individuals in numerous municipalities. We will happily provide cases and testimonials from responsible managers and caring staff on request, but we ask you to appreciate the users' wish for anonymity on a public platform.

In fall 2015. we will publish business-cases and testimonials on our website.


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- Dario Nakić, Croatian Minister of Health

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