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Judex was founded by a group of researchers from Aalborg University, and we have now more than 30 years of experience in developing biomedical and medical informatics solutions for the world market. The university legacy is strong within the company and great emphasis is put on state of the art technology like advanced signal analysis, decision support system theory and data base design. Our focus has always been on understanding both the clinical and the technical aspects, and combining this know-how into new and innovative products for the benefit of the patient and the health-care professionals.

Products and solutions

amPHI Prehospital system

amPHI is a prehospital healthcare record which encompasses the entire prehospital care pathway from the scene of an accident until the patient is admitted to the hospital. All information about the patient’s condition is continuously recorded during the prehospital stage and transmitted online to the emergency reception, which helps ensure faster diagnostics and more effective treatment.
All registrations in the ambulance are made on a tablet computer, and vital signs from the ambulance’s patient monitors are transferred automatically to amPHI.
amPHI provides the emergency reception with an overview of the current prehospital activities and access to all prehospital healthcare records. Learn more ›

Case stories

Judex Casestory1

PPJ - Prehospital system for all Danish ambulances

In close collaboration with CSC and other partners Judex has delivered our amPHI prehospital healthcare record system to all 5 regions in Denmark. By the end of September 2015 all 500+ ambulances are equipped with amPHI. Danish Regions has published a video about the project (see link). Learn more ›


Erling Henningsen

Judex A/S

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9000 Aalborg

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