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KEN A/S offer total washing and disinfecting solutions for hospitals, catering and food / pharma industry.

Products and solutions

KEN does not simply offer a machine, we offer efficient all-in solutions for hospitals. We supply an all-in solution that meets hygiene requirements and is tailored to the individual needs of the departments.

Hospital infections are the cause of many extra days of in-patient stay and thus an economic burden on society. In collaboration with the hospital hygiene group and users, KEN’s sales consultants will help you find the optimum solution that is tailored to the actual needs of the department. Learn more ›

KEN CWD 5000 washer/disinfector for carts and containers.

Washing, disinfection and drying all in one, with very economical operating costs, KEN CWD5000 has been constructed with innovative and superior technology to disinfect medical products in class IIa. Cleaning, disinfection and drying of instruments e.g. sterile containers with lids, instrument baskets with utensils, wirebaskets and other equipment like shoes, trolleys, kidney bowls, transportation carts. Learn more ›

Instrument Washer Disinfector for CSSD departments.

Fulfills the demand for washing 18 DIN baskets per cycle. Big washer disinfector with sliding doors for CSSDs, surgical and anaesthetic wards. Learn more ›

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Marie Kristensen


Bøgebjergvej 60
5672 Broby

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Kroatian Minister Of Health
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Ministerial delegation visit from Croatia

"I am pleased with everything I have seen and with the hospitality extended to me and my colleagues during our stay in Denmark. We are grateful to the Healthcare DENMARK team for being wonderful hosts to us and for the excellent organization of our visit."

- Dario Nakić, Croatian Minister of Health

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