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Life-Partners A/S

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What we offer

Life-Partners was founded in 2009, with a goal to create unique software solutions that would fulfull the various needs for oversight, planning and communication between patients, relatives and caregivers. We create value, comfort, presence and give the citizen influence through a simple and user friendly communication- and planning platform. This platform is the foundation for the individual user adjusted solutions for the areas dementia, care/comfort, nutrition, handicap and psychiatry.

Products and solutions


IntelligentLIFE is a Danish concept that transforms everyday life for independent-living seniors, or for those suffering from dementia or other illnesses, and who wish to remain as independent as possible. IntelligentLIFE is also of great benefit to their relatives. The system combines intelligent sensors with an app-based communication platform. Learn more ›

Life-Manager - The digital citizen-book

Innovative platform for care homes, home care and mental health that in a very simpel and esay way improves communication, structur and planning between patients, relatives and employees. Learn more ›

Case stories

istock_000020789643xlarge.jpg (5)

Life-Manager at nursing home Grønnegården in Aabenraa, Denmark

Value created by Life-Manager:

- 38% of the relatives experiences increased amounts of closeness, involvement, insight and contact to their family member. – the citizen.
- 36% of the caregivers experience a more effective and increased contact and dialogue with the relatives of the citizen.
- 56% of the relatives and 60% of the caregivers experiences a better and more simple communication by using Life-Manager.
- 56% experience that the citizen has increased everyday- influence and happiness.
- 12% indicates less loneliness when using Life-Manager.
- 24% experiences that Life-Manager supports a rehabilitating approach to the citizen. Learn more ›


Bo H. Iversen

Life-Partners A/S

Transitvej 20c
6330 Padborg

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