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Who is Max Manus? We are a software company with modern solutions and a proud history and heritage. Throughout nearly 20 years Max Manus Group has been creating the best possible digital solutions in the field of digital dictation and speech recognition primarily for the healthcare sector in Scandinavia.

Products and solutions

Speech Recognition

Our speech recognition software delivers a fast and reliable conversion from speech to text. When using our software, the medical personnel are able to reduce the countless hours spent on registering patient data. Speech recognition additionally improves patient safety by preventing health and safety errors due to insufficient data from occurring. Patient data is instantaneously available to all medical personnel. We currently have over 12.000 users of our speech recognition software and over 50.000 users of our digital dictation software. Learn more ›

Case stories


Region Skåne, Sweden has decided for Speech Recognition

In order to streamline electronic patient documentation, Region Skåne decided, as the first Swedish county, to introduce speech recognition. With speech recognition integrated into the EMR, the patient record is updated automatically while the doctor is verbally dictating, thus reducing document turnaround time and insuring patient safety. An estimated 4,000 physicians and 2,000 other healthcare professionals are expected to benefit from the new technology. ”We are confident that the acquisition of speech recognition will help us improve the processes.” says Per Thyselius, Project Manager in Region Skåne.


Max Manus Speech Recognition

Helse Vest in Norway has purchased speech recognition The second largest health region in Norway, has purchased speech recognition to all of their 1500 doctors.


More than 1500 doctors in The Region Zealand, Denmark are using Speech Recognition

The Region Zealand offers "Max Manus Speech Recognition" to more that 1.500 doctors within the Region. The contract between CSC Scandihealth A/S and the Region Zealand includes an integrated solution for Digital Dictation as well as Speech Recognition, delivered by Max Manus A/S. The solution is integrated in the electronic patient journal OPUS and covers the entire somatic area as well as the Psychiatry.


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Max Manus

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