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MedTrace is a Danish lifescience startup with an international agenda. The management team has extensive experience in radio-pharmacy, nuclear medicine and a global life-science exposure. The company is supported by a clinical advisory board covering Asia, Europe and North America. MedTrace is focused on making O-15 H2O practically available for clinical routine PET imaging, and in further developing O-15 H2O PET into being the principal diagnostic tool for all disease areas where perfusion is of clinical relevance. MedTrace is built on strong clinical encouragements and the company has a high respect for regulatory compliance.

Products and solutions

MedTrace MT-100

Radioactive water (O-15 H2O) is the gold standard for quantifying blood flow by PET scans. With MT-100 we are making it practically available for routine use.
The MT-100 is an automated system for production and injection of radioactive water. It will provide intuitive and cost-efficient operation, ultimate safety for patients and staff, and lower radiation dose to patients compared to other agents.
We expect that the MT-100 system will open up new research fields with clinical relevance and further the development of PET.

Case stories

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Improving Diagnostics of Critically Ill Patients

A patient presents with low to moderate risk of Coronary Artery Disease. To determine if the patient is suffering from reduced coronary blood flow, and possibly cardiac ischemia, the patient is placed on a PET/CT scanner bed and connected to the waiting MT-100 system.
The MT-100 accepts radioactive Oxygen-15 (O-15 O2) from an in house cyclotron, and converts the oxygen into radioactive water (O-15 H2O). The radioactive water is then prepared for a patient injection, and both the radioactivity as well as the volume of the injection are measured and well defined before injection. The half-life of Oxygen-15 is 122 seconds, which makes the patient dose very low (<0,5mSv pr. injection), and makes it possible to initiate additional scans of the patient almost immediately after completion of the former scan.
Once the patient is positioned on the scanner bed, firstly a CT-scan is performed to determine the level of calcification within the coronary arteries, and to give anatomical location of the heart. Next the first injection of O-15 H2O is performed, and the functional flow of O-15 H2O through the heart (cardiac) under resting conditions is measured by the PET/CT-scanner. After the first scan, the patient’s heart is pharmacologically stressed, and a second injection of O-15 H2O is given to the patient for a second round of images of the heart in stressed conditions.
Physicians compare the quantitative data from both the resting and stressed heart, and based upon these results the physicians are able to determine with 87% sensitivity, 84% specificity and 85% accuracy if coronary artery disease is present (compared to the invasive gold standard of Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR).

The advantages of this procedure is that it is a very fast, quantitative and highly accurate, non-invasive diagnostic technique which will allow physicians in the future to immediately decide between going directly for interventional cardiac surgery e.g. stent placement or bypass surgery, or for pharmaceutical treatment of the patients cardiac conditions, without the need for additional diagnostic imaging. In the described scan procedure, total procedure time should be 20-30 minutes including patient positioning on the PET/CT scanner bed, making it a highly affordable technique for hospitals world wide.


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