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Mitii Development A/S

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What we offer

We make it economically realistic and practically possible to deliver on research recommendations to achieve: Increased brain-body interaction (agency), improved ability to learn new skills and self confidence.

Products and solutions


Mitii (Move it to improve it) is an unprecedented solution that combines the newest research of how to prime and boost brain and body with motion tracking using Microsofts Kinect sensor and tele technology. We combine cognitive and physical training in a non-prescriptive way, that develops the brains' networks, thus enhancing the foundation on which people learn and increase skills. A key benefit of Mitii is that training takes place via the internet, and all the user needs is a computer, a TV screen, a Kinect Sensor and access to the internet. Mitii is customised to the individual. Training is regularly adjusted in line with the user’s progress by a therapist, and online of course! Learn more ›

Case stories


Mitii’s aim is for the individual to improve and develop motoric and cognitive skills. In Caroline’s case, development could be seen on several fronts. “We have often described it as an eye-opener for Caroline. We found that she gained a new insight into many things and situations. For example: she could discuss things and then later reflect over aspects of the conversation which she would previously never have done. It became easier for her to see a problem and decide ‘that’s a bad idea’ or ‘yes, that’s what we’ll do’,” explained Caroline’s mother. Learn more ›


Just before Carsten started training with Mitii, he was examined at Aarhus Hospital. The doctor explained that readings indicated that the balance organs in his head had almost completely disappeared, and that he was compensating by using his sight and senses in his legs. The specialist wanted to show Carsten to his students. “Looking back, it’s interesting that he did not think training would help much, but he was certainly interested in seeing me again after the Mitii course. When I turned up again eight months later, there were such remarkable improvements in my condition that he could no longer use me as an example of the problem for his students!” Learn more ›


Cæcilie’s mother is in no doubt that her daughter made significant progress – during and after training with Mitii. “We could see the effect was a major boost for Cæcilie – apart from the physical aspects, her reading ability became much better. She found it easier to remember, and was generally a lot faster on the uptake. Her linguistic abilities developed, and she showed greater willingness to try things. The fact that she improved physically was probably the biggest gain, as it gave her confidence to move forwards,” says Karin. Learn more ›


Jan Friis Hansen

Mitii Development A/S

Holmegårdsvej 28
2920 Charlottenlund

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Ministerial delegation visit from Croatia

"I am pleased with everything I have seen and with the hospitality extended to me and my colleagues during our stay in Denmark. We are grateful to the Healthcare DENMARK team for being wonderful hosts to us and for the excellent organization of our visit."

- Dario Nakić, Croatian Minister of Health

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