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SemInte will assist you in requesting or fulfilling requirements for international terminologies and standards in solutions to fully support the rising needs in shareable and comparable data. Lets ensuring Semantic Interoperability together!

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Semantic Interoperability Consultancy

SemInte offers consultancy to the Healthcare industry with an expert knowledge in Semantic Interoperability.
SemInte focusses on semantics and the adoption of terminology in Healthcare information technology within a clinical setting in order to ensure sharable and comparable healthcare data. SemInte work for the vision of a data driven Healthcare industry where human competencies, organizational processes and data co-exist together in benefits for the patients.
SemInte offers its expert services to both system integrators serving hospitals and municipalities. Directly to hospitals and municipalities in connection with IT procurements and projects and to Ministry of Health's for standard supporting Semantic Interoperability.

Case stories

Interface Terminology - Making products ready for markets using international terminology

SemInte provides assistance in preparing your products for new markets by the use of international terminologies. SemInte will assist you in the efforts of mapping by mapping your product's interface terminology with international terminology or in the development of new products.
This will support you in achieving that your products are standard complaint. SemInte can help you in making re-useable pick lists in forms of minimum data sets. Another side effect besides ensuring data can be compared and reused cross the product or in exchange with third party systems is the possibility to make structures overviews in e.g. an EHR.

Information exchange of patient data using standards

A region or municipality wish to standardize registration forms/schemes for chronic diseases or clinical databases in order to ensure documentation in the same way and for information of treatment to be compared and if necessary adjusted and improved. Structured and standardized data enables the possibility of data reuse and ensures that data can be unambiguously compared.
SemInte identify data required in specific documentation, creating datasets based on terminology e.g. SNOMED-CT, ICD-10, etc. needed, facilitates quality review process and helps with the technical dialogue with the vendors who shall implement the exchange standards (HL7-CDA and IHE-XDS) and data sets.


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