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Tech2patients is a healthcare management consultacy company resulting from a merger between two existing companies established in 2003 and 2006 respectively. Company focus is bridging the gap between public and private players as well as healthcare communication, centered around patient's perspectives and needs. We have extensive experience as project managers of large complex OPP project in Denmark and internationally, technology transfer and development of communications based on a unique segmentation platform.

Project Management

Project management of any project requires skill and time.
Particularly complex (many partners and/or tasks) and long term projects are time consuming and difficult to manage and these projects carry a substantial risk of terminating before time, due to different opinions / positions of the consortium members as well as to the risk of technical problems along the way. Guiding these projects to successful conclusion therefore requires a plethora of abilities.
Tech2patients have extensive experience with project managing of Danish as well as of international projects. At the moment we manage and are also partners in a 3-year Public-Private-partnership Project within wound care (telemedicine). The partners are 3 hospitals and 3 councils in 3 Danish regions in addition to 3 private companies and the project includes clinical testing.

Technology Transfer

Tech. Trans. is complex, costly, time consuming and very competive. Pharma companies receive on average 300 proposals per year from Biotech or Delivery companies and the average hit rate of a succesful deal is 1%.
The chance of succes is increased by identifying the company most likely to take on the technology offered and also to find the right person within the company.

Tech2patients have extensive experiences with Tech. Trans. and covers the entire process from research project to licensing as well as project management of the collaboration after deal signature.
We have in-depth knowledge of marketed and pipeline products of all major pharmaceutical companies and have met most of the people in their business development units and other relevant functions, and we always keep in mind that success in closing a deal is achieved when the needs and objectives of both parties is achieved.

Contact us as soon as possible to maximise the chance of a successful license agreement and to get the best possible deal terms. It often takes 6 – 9 months to negotiate an agreement and time constraint may result in unacceptable terms.

Patient communication

Our unique Patient Mapping Model visualises the varios factors influenzing a persons needs during an illness and has many uses in the healthcare sector.
The tool can be used to:
• Analyse gaps in existing patient communication and patient services
• Design accurate methods to assess patient’s perceived quality
• Determine market needs and user profiles- e.g. during innovation processes and development of user frienly welfare technology and telemedicine
• Develop team building and education for healthcare workers and teams
• Develop experience design suitable for the end-user
• Design and execute training for healthcare workers

Technology Transfer

The biotech department at a university in a Nordic country (outside Denmark) had a long term research project with several applications and covered by a number of patents.
In order to secure funding for continued research and preclinical testing the university wanted to license some applications to the pharmaceutical industry.
Tech2patients was hired to explore the possibility of outlicensing and by
partcipation in partnering conferences as well as additional industial contacts a first-right-of-refusal contracts and two research collaborations was signed.

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