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What we offer

We solve complex R&D challenges within medical equipment, combination products and connected devices. As a trusted partner for the majority of Danish MedTech companies, Technolution helps you and your development team to a solid basis for your next project.

Products and solutions


We offer your team a structured and agile approach to concept development. It reduces the development time, minimises risks and ensures your product a safe journey through the following stages. The user will be involved in the development through UX work so that we can achieve a deep knowledge of their needs and behaviour. When this knowledge is actively used in the design phase it leads to fewer user errors and a greater user satisfaction. Learn more ›


By focusing on adding value for the user through the entire development process, we develop solutions that are easy to use under given conditions.
In order to obtain the best suitable design, we prioritize understanding the user’s needs and determine how to meet the user’s needs with a well-designed solution. Learn more ›


Technolution’s team of engineers has extensive experience in product development and the mechanical area in particular.
We provide individual resources as well as complete development teams. This applies to Medical Devices development according to ISO 13485 and MDD / IVDD, consumer electronics, products and systems in the Clean Tech industry.


Technolution is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 13485: 2012. Our certification and our experience in working within our clients’ quality systems make the cooperation with certified businesses efficient.

Furthermore, Technolution is able to offer implementation of quality management systems in new businesses. Learn more ›


Numerous factors are taken into considerations, when identifying the right type of production and the right production partner. E.g. the product’s technical complexity, regulatory requirements, quality requirements, annual volumes, material and labor costs etc.
Learn more ›


Our consultants are experienced project managers and have participated in numerous complex projects.

Technolution has experience in product development in many different fields and in many different types and sizes of businesses. This knowledge is used to put together teams and prepare solid project plans and budgets. Learn more ›


We offer expertise and a complete structure, facilities and tools in a proven development model that reduces both costs and expensive iterations during the production process.
Due to our ISO 13485 certified quality management system (QMS), Technolution can handle the entire process from idea to finished product and CE marking. Learn more ›

Case stories

Preparation of Business Case, Project Management, Design and mechanical construction, Prototyping, Verification and user testing, Packaging, Design transfer to manufacturer, Preparation of Technical File for CE marking


Development of medical devices is a long and complicated process that Technolution has carried out with great expertise. Technolution’s broad know-how has meant we have a well proven product ready for the market.
Ole Jakobsen, Owner, Axlab

Technolution handled the entire process from concept to specification of production equipment and – layout as well as verification and validation of the product.

A production that can produce 5+ million units per year was established. This production is prepared to increase capacity to more than double. BiopSafe likely to be available in most of the world. Learn more ›

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Based on experience from previous collaborations were Technolution the natural choice for the job. During the development of ABL90 has Technolution delivered a flexible, competent and proactive work in a good and close cooperation with Radiometer Medical’s internal team.
Carsten Aagaard, R&D Manager, Radiometer

ABL90 FLEX sets a new standard in the market and contribute to the fact that Radiometer Medical maintains its leading position in the world market for blood gas measurement. Learn more ›



Technolution has been a key player in creating a product optimized for uses and production processes. The overall goal was achieved by continuous focus on optimization of material, construction and production processes.

Jens Thor Hansen
R&D Manager, Ambu

A unique product family was created counting a total of 15 variants in 7 different sizes covering premature babies and upwards.

The revolutionary design complies with the following:
Transparency – doctors can observe the patient through the mask
The cuff is ergonomically designed
The pressure in the cuff can be adjusted
The mask combined several types of plastic (2K)
Easy to use for anaesthetists and nurses Learn more ›



Through the cooperation with Technolution, Philips Healthcare has managed to speed up the CE marking, as Technolution contributed to FDA 510(k) approval.

In summary, Philips Healthcare has obtained the following lasting value by working with Technolution:

Improved quality of the Risk Management Process:
- Optimized processes for Risk Management
- Optimized Documentation of Risk Management
- Involvement of relevant functions of the organization
- Identification of previously non-recognized risk, including using Personas and experience from other industries
- Updates to the QA system for it to comply with applicable standards
- Quicker marketing approval Learn more ›



With Technolution as partner, Coloplast developed SpeediCath Compact Set®, which was introduced on the marked from 3rd quarter 2012.

With Technolutions extensive experience from other projects, a simpler design was made possible. Technolution introduced a concept proposal with seals of flexible material to make the product easier to use

Technolution completed the detailed design of the components with robust 3D CAD parties and extensive drawing documentation. In cooperation with Coloplast, a completely new setup and new procedure for drawing documentation was introduced, including GPS aim and alignment, and parameter array for use during verification and validation of mold tools. Learn more ›


Peter Werner Hansen

Technolution A/S

Lyngsø Alle 3B
2970 Hørsholm

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