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TeleSkin develops high-tech mobile and software solutions for tracking and analysis of moles, lesions, and other skin conditions over time. We developed our app, skinScan, because we know that regular self-monitoring can significantly enhance early detection of melanoma and other skin cancers. skinScan enables users to take direct control of managing their own health in an easily accessible and convenient way. We want to create the best possible solutions in skin cancer prevention and early intervention.

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skinScan is registered as class 1 medical device (CE mark) for providing assisting information about Pigmented Skin Lesions and Skin Self-Examination.
skinScan enables users to take direct control of managing their own health in an easily accessible and convenient way.

SkinScan can help you:
Check your skin and learn what atypical moles look like
Remind you to check your moles - with our friendly automatic reminders you won’t forget to renew your scans.
Track your scanned moles over time and be aware of changes. Learn more ›

Case stories

It was cancer

I downloaded skinScan – mostly out of curiousity. I have always had many moles and birth marks, so the app was an easy way to keep track of them. I had a few that measured 6-8 mm in diameter, which I scanned. On one of the moles, the app recognized three critical points but my doctor said everything was fine, so I did not react. From there everything went really fast because the mole turned out to be melanoma. Luckily without spreading. Had it not been for skinScan, I would probably have discovered my melanoma much later and with a more critical outcome.


Jette Kjær Nielsen


Skolegade 7, 2. TH
6700 Esbjerg

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- Dario Nakić, Croatian Minister of Health

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