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V. Guldmann A/S develops, manufactures and markets technical aids for people with special needs and the working tools for their nursing assistants. We improve the working environment in the social sector where people need to be lifted, moved and handled. And not least, mobilised and rehabilitated. Via leveraging lifting and moving solutions as well as services like guidance, education, service and mounting, we contribute to ensuring the best utilisation of resources in the care system, thus freeing up more time to care. Our range of products comprises ceiling hoists, mobile lifters, slings and lifting accessories.

Products and solutions

Guldmann Ceiling Hoist Systems

Ceiling hoist systems are often the ideal solution for lifting and moving people from one place to another in different types of care environments. When the lifting equipment is mounted in the ceiling and thus out of the way, you keep the floor space uncluttered and it is much easier and safer to move around.
Our ceiling hoists: GH1, GH1F, GH1Q, GH3, GH3+ and GH3 Twin Learn more ›

Guldmann Mobile Lifters

A mobile lifter is especially suitable for use in unpredicted, less frequent or one-off lifting situations where there is no ceiling hoist.
Our Mobile Lifters: GL5 and GLS5 Learn more ›

Slings and Lifting accessories

We offer a wide range of lifting and handling equipment. In combination with our mobile lifters and ceiling hoist systems, this equipment will help you lift and transfer of people with special needs in a safe and comfortable manner for both user and carer. Learn more ›

Case stories

2200_03_gh3_or_horsens_2015_1066x1600 (4).jpg
OR Horsens - Guldmann GH3 Ceiling Hoist installation

Ceiling-mounted hoists facilitate work in operating theatres in Horsens, Denmark

Fitting a ceiling hoist in an operating theatre makes it easier for staff to do their job and improves patient safety. However, the presence of much other ceiling-mounted equipment is one reason why so few operating theatres in Denmark have ceiling-mounted hoists. The Regional Hospital in Horsens has installed ceiling-mounted hoists in all the operating theatres in its new surgical department. Learn more ›


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V. Guldmann A/S

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