Supporting citizens in remaining self-sufficient and independent is an important element of Danish healthcare for the elderly and the disabled. Allowing people an independent and empowered life optimizes well-being and results in significant savings in the medical care sector. With technological support schemes and empowering initiatives, citizens can remain in their own home for as long as possible.

Danish results show that the elderly often can do much more than they might first assume, provided they receive the necessary support and guidance. With integrated ICT-platforms and QR-coded communication, citizens can draw the curtains, set the kitchen worktop at the right height, and operate a hoist to get themselves into bed.

A large number of Danish companies develop products and solutions for the elderly and the disabled. As a result, new technological solutions are constantly being tested and implemented in the Danish healthcare sector, which can help elderly and disabled citizens cope and live on their own.

Generally, the elderly and the disabled in Denmark are very willing to adopt new technology, as long as it is easily available and clearly improves their quality of life.

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