In the Danish healthcare system, acute calls are answered by a healthcare professional who can assess the precise need for assistance.

The staff at the emergency call center are trained to assess emergency calls to ensure that citizens receive the most effective help. The right qualifications ensure that the personnel can assess whether there is a need for other assistance – for example an emergency physician, paramedics, an ambulance helicopter, or first aid.

If an ambulance is dispatched, the ambulance personnel can start treatment already during transport to the hospital. The paramedics will keep an electronic ambulance record of all observations, treatment, and medication. Registration and transfer of patient data from the ambulance to the hospital during transit enables efficient dialogue with specialists at the hospital, ensuring that the right hospital staff is ready to continue treatment as soon as the patient arrives at the hospital.

ICT solutions have been part of the Danish ambulance service since 1999. The use of telehealth during the pre-hospital stage saves lives due to early treatment in the ambulance and a well-planned reception of the patient by the hospital staff.

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