3PART is a multidisciplinary design company with more than 25 years of experience in award winning designs for the healthcare, rehab and medical sectors. Our approach is user oriented and our aim is to create value for our customers.

With over 400 products of which 40 have been patented and more than 35 design awards, we consider ourselves experts in developing care and medical devices.  

What we offer

Dental Equipment
RØNVIG Dental required a redesign of their existing flagship product ANALGE-JECT. 3PART agreed to develop a new product called CALAJECT and take it to new heights while emphasizing RØNVIG Dental as a leader in dental industry equipment. The main design criterion was to develop an attractive, functional product with a contemporary and user-friendly interface. It needed to exude precision, quality and innovation to become a high-end product in the market. The new design won the red dot design award in 2014

Elevating nursing bench
Pressalit Care’s nursing bench for users with reduced mobility has been upgraded with a focus on both functionality and aesthetics. 3PART worked in close collaboration on the project and conducted research, user observations, concept designs and product development, all the way through to production The result is a nursing bench which is particully soft and friendly. Functionality has been optimized with a focus on the user’s experience and to facilitate the work of nursing staff. Following the launch of the nursing bench, Pressalit both increased the sales price and sold more units than before. The Pressalit Care nursing bench won the Danish Design Price.
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