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AART architects

With offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Oslo, AART architects is a leading Nordic architectural company. Over the years, AART architects has designed a wide range of projects in the field of healthcare architecture - ranging from major hospitals and psychiatry clusters to emergency departments and neurorehabilitation centres. In each project, the company strives to push the potential of modern healthcare architecture with a view to designing space for therapeutic and operational efficiency in the absolute elite.

Alcyon - Innovative Hospital Decoration

In Alcyon we believe that functionality, innovation and design go hand in hand in the future hospital room. Our products are medical chairs for different situations and patients developed and manufactured by German GREINER. As well as hospital beds and mattresses also produced in Europe by LINET in the Czech Republic.

Arkitema Architects

Arkitema Health’s contribution to the healthcare sector spans from specific hospital-related projects to buildings - from the laboratory to the pharmaceutical company. Therefore Arkitema Health has engaged many professionals for the job - a total of 65 people, all highly competent and expert in health-promoting architecture. Arkitema Health understands the importance of the cross-disciplinary approach; We keep that in focus when we plan, design and build. We work with patients, equipment suppliers, hospital planners, engineers and client organizations. Therefore, the competence profile of Arkitema Health has been created both broad and solid in the fields that ensure architectural quality and innovation.     

BIM Equity A/S

BIM Equity is a full service BIM company that offers BIM consulting, BIM services and distributes the BIM technology that makes it all possible. Our aim is to make BIM a worthwhile proposition for the Danish consulting and construction industry by ensuring that the implementation of BIM results in added value for our clients. The team at BIM Equity consists of dedicated BIM experts. With our 360° approach to BIM, we help industry players to implement BIM as a natural working model: We provide benefit for clients, consultants and the future users.

Blue Ocean Robotics

Blue Ocean Robotics is a leading provider of emerging robotic solutions- and services and it is our vision to improve your quality of life, working environments and productivity. We create and commercialize robots - for humans. Our solutions improve the way you live your life.

C.F. Møller Architects

C.F. Møller Architects work with hospital projects all over the world. Our team of health planners, consultants and architects possess expertise in all the processes involved when working with large, complex hospitals - from master plans, user consultation and design, all the way to the implementation and the completed building.

Together with the architects' knowledge of healing architecture and evidence-based design, C.F. Møller Healthcare creates the framework for health care buildings that best meet the patient's needs, support the involvement of relatives, and create optimum working conditions for staff. 

C.F. Møller Architects is one of Scandinavia’s leading architectural firms.

Cadolto Fertiggebäude GmbH & Co. KG

Conventional building is incredibly complex. High-tech functional buildings like hospitals, laboratories and data centres, as well as telecommunications solutions, are presenting ever greater challenges for architects and clients. Technical innovations are springing up more quickly every day, placing new requirements on architecture at a rapid rate. We thought: There has to be an easier way. There is a solution that consolidates comprehensive consulting, planning depth, close work coordination, industrial production quality, and seamless logistics as never before: Cadolto Modular Construction technology.


Capgemini is a market leading supplier of solutions for hospital resource scheduling, management of patient flows, and digital communications. Capgemini's scheduling solution, Bookplan, facilitates planning and logistics in hospitals with a wealth of specialized functionality. Capgemini markets the solution in Northern Európe.




At Chromaviso, we have an ambition to lift the standard for lighting in the health sector. By creating optimal and health-promoting light, we are at the forefront of the market and are making a major difference to patients and staff. Chromaviso is leading in ergonomic lighting solutions in the health sector.

Our solutions are based on deep insight in user needs, expertise in light and intelligent management, and technical skills to deliver a quality product that works - also in the future.


CREO ARKITEKTER has a wide range of competencies and the company possesses a strong professional core competency in the Health/Hospital area. The company’s competencies within this area include consulting services that include building-consultancy without project, general and function planning, general consulting that meet user needs, along with financial- and risk management in all phases. With technical inspection and follow-up as a closing service on the project. Our strength lies in that we combine our years long experience with a new generation of thinkers, creators and developers. The ideas of our staff are just as varied as their educational backgrounds and it is through this relationship that we discover the best solutions. 

DanSign A/S

Dansign is a supplier of architectural and flexible wayfinding systems and sign solutions of high quality and unique design. Dansign acts as the architect and designer’s partner in developing these wayfinding/signage solutions. Since 1982, Dansign provides traditional and electronic wayfinding solutions worldwide through its local representatives, as well as an extensive global partner network. To create a signage solution for hospitals is a complex task as many people of all ages, nationalities, and with physical / mental disabilities pass though daily. The signage should be easy and logical to follow so that people can easily identify and find their destination.

Dansk RobotTeknik ApS

Customized solutions for autom ation and issue production From idea to finished project We offer industrial robots, support, and total automation solutions to automate workflow and increases efficiency. Our focus is that the yield of the overall solution optimized investment quickly pays off. We build like to pass on your existing equipment, or provides new technology for a small investment. We also service the existing plant.

With us, you get a solution that is tailored to your production and workflows to be taken into account with you.


We create products, services and experiences for international clients in the healthcare industry.

Designit is one of the world’s leading design and innovation firms with +550 designers working out of 18 studios across the world. Desingit’s expertise supports the design and development of medical devices, pharmaceutical brands, rehab equipment, diagnostics, dental equipment and healthcare services for customers worldwide. Developing across the entire customer experience, Designit’s interdisciplinary teams create compelling products, services and experiences. Their goal is to create strong and sustainable business value through strategy and design and to help ambitious companies make innovation happen.


DHI is an independent international consulting and research organisation specialised within water. DHI offers consulting services related to all aspects of water in relation to hospitals and healthcare. This includes health and environmental issues connected to water supply, water distribution within buildings, water efficiency as well as water and wastewater treatment. DHI has helped the majority of Danish hospitals within these issues for more than a decade.

DXC Technology

DXC Technology helps clients harness the power of innovation to thrive on change. For more than 60 years, we have successfully guided the world’s largest enterprises and government agencies through successful change cycles. We take pride in our technology independence and our role as a trusted advisor on digital healthcare. Our clients are using new models of digital technology to deliver new models of care. Through our integration platform and other tailored healthcare-products, you benefit from our capabilities to collect and analyze data across silos to deliver a more integrated practice and simplify decision making.


Ellab contributes to increase consumer safety by providing solutions for measuring, recording, monitoring and validating critical parameters of thermal processing in the food, hospital and pharmaceutical industries.

Ellab offers a wide range of measuring equipment specially designed for various applications. In addition to developing highly accurate validation equipment, we also offer training, rentals, calibrations and qualification and validation services.

Our TrackSense® Pro wireless data loggers, E-Val™ Pro thermocouple system and ValSuite® validation software are at the core of what Ellab offers, providing the most wholesome solutions for thermal validation.


Enversion A/S was founded in 2009. We develop AI-assisted healthcare and AI-powered accounting automation to design, build and implement decision support systems dedicated to the healthcare and finance sectors in Denmark. Currently, we help Danish Regions process huge amounts of healthcare data from electronic health records, laboratory systems, patient administrative systems, etc. Besides we help larger organizations optimize internal procedures by automating accounting and procurement processes. Our main focus is to create intelligent AI solutions for data-driven decision-making. Our toolbox contains the newest data science techniques: Machine learning, data mining, text mining, and operations research. Our mission: To deliver the market's smartest data solutions and use data to make the world a better place!


Since its foundation in 1983, Frontmatec has improved the competitiveness of hundreds of companies while making the life easier for thousands of employees. Today, Frontmatec is the preferred supplier for companies seeking the highest standards when it comes to software for automated logistic solutions such as complete warehouse management systems, tracking and monitoring systems and automated solutions for buildings in general. Thanks to Frontmatecs financial and human resources, the customers achieve the highest return of their investments and the greatest confidence both in the construction phase as well as in the daily operation.

Getinge Cetrea A/S

Since 2006 Getinge Cetrea A/S has supported the workflow for Danish and international healthcare professionals. Our patient flow management solution, INSIGHT, provides complete transparency, collaboration and overview in and across departments, enabling management and healthcare professionals to deliver the best possible care for patients.

INSIGHT is the interactive patient flow management solution from Getinge that gives you control over the patient flow from arrival to discharge. It supports the highest standards of care by allowing healthcare professionals to plan, prioritize and take the right actions according to the ever-changing situation in the hospital for delivering the best possible care for patients.

Gibotech A/S

Gibotech is a Danish company with more than 30 years of experience and a proven track record of robot-based automation in many sectors, including healthcare. We offer innovative and competitive high-tech automation solutions which focus on helping customers optimize and streamline their production, either in new or existing installations. Integrating robot technology with software solutions, Gibotech’s dedicated specialists develop solutions adapted to customer’s needs. The solutions are normally installed on our address or at our supplier's address and tested before being reinstalled on the customer's location to ensure that the systems comply with the customer's expectations.

Goloo ApS

Goloo's disposable bedpans and urinals are designed to make the toilet experience more respectful for staff and patients. Goloo products are made from disposable, soft and durable plastic (CO2 positive). Goloo's bedpans and urinals provide a comfortable, discrete and hygienic alternative to the traditional bedpans and urinals. All products contain an odour-retardant pad that absorbs and converts up to 600 ml. fluid into gel. The products are easy to store and handle, before, under and after use. GRAB - USE – DISPOSE

HarritSorensen ApS

After 25 years in business, HarritSorensen occupy the spot of seasoned veterans in their field of industrial design. With a wide range of projects across a broad spectrum of industries, the firm prides itself on great versatility and expertise, and clients across the board speak of the direct positive impact of the HarritSorensen award-winning designs on market share and the bottom line. With HarritSorensen in your corner, your business too can find new ways of optimizing products and standing out in the market place. 

Health Innovation Institute

H2I (Health Innovation Institute) works closely together with all actors who have an impact on people’s health. This applies i.e. to regions, municipalities, hospitals, companies providing services to the health care sector, and related research and educational institutions. H2I collaborate with the pharma and medical industry by improving the utilization of Danish health data and thereby creating better health services for the population. The ambition is to create meaningful advisory and contribute to improve healthcare in all possible aspect, share knowledge with whom can benefit from the insights H2I have, and create mutual respect, value and impact to people’s health.


Hejdoktor offers an IT technology platform which enables the healthcare personal to conduct video conversions with citizens independent of location. Hejdoktor´s mission is to offer convenient and quality healthcare services - for everyone, everywhere at any time.

Henning Larsen Architects

Henning Larsen Architects has worked intensively on developing hospital buildings. We combine spatial qualities with optimal logistics and technical main structures in sterling hospitals with safe treatment in pleasant settings. We believe that the architecture of the hospital regards inspiring and well-defined rooms; a rich and varied light and easily understandable organization are crucial for the well-being of the patient. When this is combined with optimal logistics and technical main structures it results in sterling hospitals where focus is on both effective and rational flow of work together with safe humane treatment in pleasant architectural settings.

Hudevad A/S

We are passionate about improving the quality of life for patients in healthcare facilities. We do so by creating better healthcare environments, especially with the focus of reducing healthcare acquired infections - thus keeping patients healthier and hospital stays shorter. We supply hygienic heating solutions optimised for hospitals and healthcare facilities.


INFUSER is a leading air purification company, pioneering novel clean-tech solutions that bridge the gap between science and industry. Our team of scientists develops, produces and implements technologies for Advanced Pollution Control that: - Provide clean-air solutions for polluting industries - Improve air quality in indoor environments - Remove dangerous viruses and bacteria from buildings. INFUSER’s headquarters are located at the heart of Copenhagen Science City, a district in Copenhagen centered around the University of Copenhagen, the Metropolitan University College and Copenhagen University Hospital (Rigshospitalet). CSC comprises one of the largest areas of education, research and applied science within natural sciences in Europe.

Intelligent Systems A/S

Intelligent Systems are experts in software development for automated logistics solutions.

Intelligent Systems has developed a number of intelligent and automated logistics solutions for the hospital sector. The solutions contribute high value in terms of quality assurance and efficiency improvements and address the manual logistics tasks in the hospital.

Since 2010, Intelligent Systems has worked systematically and targeted innovation in partnerships with hospitals and health professionals about intelligent automated solutions to hospitals. The solutions are built to enclose the ever increasing demands of hospitals for safety, hygiene, traceability and robustness, without compromising user-friendliness and efficiency.


Leapcraft is a new age global innovation provider working with user centered design, big data and technology exploration. We work with companies & governments to create new offerings with a breed of new tools and methods based on big data analytics, rapid prototyping and empathetic application to society.

We offer product Innovation and tailor made solutions for the healthcare industry. We work with driving innovation with Big data, custom software and Internet of things. Our team has experts on device design, software development and data visualisation along with ethnographers and designers.

Life-Partners A/S

Life-Partners was founded in 2009, with a goal to create unique software solutions that would fulfull the various needs for oversight, planning and communication between patients, relatives and caregivers. We create value, comfort, presence and give the citizen influence through a simple and user friendly communication- and planning platform. This platform is the foundation for the individual user adjusted solutions for the areas dementia, care/comfort, nutrition, handicap and psychiatry.


The second best light on earth! Based on the latest research and knowledge of light's biological and physiological effects we are creating better working conditions, higher productivity and better health conditions for our users. Together with our customers we strive to predict the unpredictable and together we implement visionary concepts in unique custom-developed software and hardware solutions. A full color spectrum of light based on the most current LED technologies makes it possible for us to simulate the sun's natural progression of color and intensity during the day. Thereby regulating and improving the user’s activity patterns and sleep patterns.

Lyngsoe Systems

Lyngsoe Systems is the world’s absolute leader in implementing the next generation of digitalization in hospitals, driving tremendous improvements in all processes in a hospital involving staff, supplies and medical equipment. The next digitalization enables logistics and quality improvement of more than 40 daily work operations existing in all hospitals across the industrialized world using modern real-time tracking and location technology. This technology can bring you savings of 10-20% of cost spent running your hospital, and the staff is happy about it, as all processes become more efficient and leaner. Search & Find - as an example, gives you the opportunity to search for the things you need on your smartphone and then you will be directed to the locations.

Modulex A/S

Modulex was founded in 1963 by the LEGO Group, and is a provider of architectural signage and wayfinding consultancy. With its HQ in Billund, Denmark, it is privately owned with the financial stability to handle projects of any size across the world.

Modulex have decades of experience supporting projects for Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Retail and Corporate markets all centrally manufactured in award-winning facilities in Billund, Denmark complying to the highest environmental regulations in the world. 


MusiCure in healthcare

Development and production of original music for treatment, based on research since 1998. MusiCure has since 2003 been sold exclusively at pharmacies, due to published scientific documentation. MusiCure has established its own streaming service: www.musicurestream.com offering 36 hours of original evidence-based contents. The portfolio also includes the MusiCure Pillow, which is CE approved and registered as a Class 1 medical device, used in many areas of the healthcare sector. The benefits of MusiCure are described in numerous scientific articles, where the results include physiological measurements showing a reduction of stress hormone (cortisol), increased sense of well-being and relaxation in patients.

MVC-Data ApS

MVC-Data develops innovative security and welfare solutions. The company has worked with welfare solutions for several years. Today they have a strong solution for retirement homes called CAREZONE. A solution that provides time savings in many of the daily retirement home routines, increased security and higher quality of life for residents and staff. The company was founded in 2008 and it is located in Nibe in North Jutland close to Aalborg.


We listen - We learn - We deliver: solutions within design and building of hospital and healthcare clinics - and prior to that our services encompass preliminary assessments as well as detailed feasibility studies, leading to preparation of investment and business plans as well as prospects for potential investors. Our competences build on 60 years experience within consulting engineering in Denmark and 40 years in developing countries. With 1500 permanent staff members, of which 220 is engaged in donor funded projects, NIRAS is the largest Scandinavian company of its kind, combining hard-core engineering disciplines with softer healthcare planning, management and capacity building.

NORD Architects Copenhagen

NORD Architects is a trendsetting office that has designed and innovated welfare related project in the healthcare sector over the past 10 years, as well as in the educational and cultural sector. We are a multidisciplinary team of urban planners, architects, landscape architects, process consultants and academics along with a technical staff, offering advisory in master planning, strategic planning, building design and building consultancy. We are often asked to lecture on our unique approach and have been taking part in exhibitions and publications on an international basis.

Opitek International

Opitek International is a registered Danish Medical Device company belonging to the Opitek Group of Companies. We develop, design, manufacture and distribute devices and knowledge designed to facilitate a variety of procedures in the operating theatre. Our product program has been developed based on demands from operating theatre nurses and doctors in Scandinavian hospitals. We have always put function, quality and user friendliness first. We are currently building markets with our partners throughout Europe. All products are originally made in Scandinavia and carry the CE-mark (Class 1 Medical Device)


RH ARKITEKTER specializes in Life Science, pharma, biotech and sustainable green solutions. We have solid knowledge in design of laboratories and development of workspace for scientists, researchers and laboratory technicians. Our dedicated staffs of designers, planners and architects have vast experience in collaborations with companies, building contractors, engineers and suppliers in all stages of the creation process. We are committed to system design, logistics and product- and personnel safety. We are experts in project design of clean rooms as classified within GMP/ISP standards. Our work combines the artistic process with a functional, straightforward and beautiful architectural style.

Sani nudge

Sani nudge contributes to human health by connecting hospitals with actionable insights that improve patient safety and care. Through location-aware applications, Sani nudge improves patient outcomes and reduces costs. The sensor-based system is designed to prevent infectious disease transmission, with a focus on healthcare associated infections (HAIs). 

The solution records hygiene levels and actively improves compliance through behavioral nudges. These nudges are light based clues designed to remind health care workers to disinfect their hands when hand hygiene compliance drops too low. Furthermore, it positively reinforces employees with sufficient hygiene compliance and thus creates lasting behavior change.


TEMPUS600® is an innovative, patented transport system specifically developed and dedicated to transportation of small clinical samples in hospitals and laboratories.

Through Tempus600, we help hospitals to commence patient treatment earlier and discharge ambulatory patients more efficiently. Through predictable and faster transportation of small clinical samples, we help to significantly reduce the total turnaround time. The overall outcomes of the Tempus600 system are considerable savings in time and resources.

Sarstedt ApS delivers and services its, now modular and integrated, Tempus600® product lineup to customers in over 20 countries globally.

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects takes pride in providing evidence based healthcare design. We perpetuate the standpoint of rehumanization of architecture. For an architecture that is designed to serve people and society. For the human needs for optimal combination of spatial qualities, functional logistics and integrated technology.

Sonovision ApS

Sonovision has been working with art and acoustics in hospitals and nursing homes since 2011. We base our products and services on the principles of “healing architecture” which shows that a well-considered choice of artistic decoration combined with a good sound environment has a markedly positive impact on patients, relatives and staff.

Sweco Architects

Half of the world’s population lives in cities. Sweco’s architects are equally experts at designing an entirely new Asian city and a small-town school. Whatever project, the focus is on creating ideal environments for people to live, work and thrive in the cities of tomorrow. By combining recognized expertise with a broad range of operations, Sweco’s architects offer a unique and comprehensive view in designing the buildings and landscape of the future.


Systematic is an international IT company with a mission to simplify critical decision making.
The Columna e-health solutions support employees, patients, and relatives, throughout a citizen’s complete health journey – no matter if the journey takes place at a hospital, at home, with social services, at a nursing home, or during rehabilitation.

With a shared platform as the foundation, the solutions create coherence in citizens’ treatment plans across sectors, specialties, and geography. This provides security, transparency, and overview.


Triagonal’s systematic yet flexible design process is the core of what we do. Our approach to wayfinding does not start with signage or graphic design, but with the user.

Exploring the user’s objectives, motivations and behaviour within a given space is key when designing wayfinding solutions as well as assessing how to optimise the overall user experience to the benefit of both the clients and their users. User involvement and observation - and the subsequent empathic analysis - are core tools to ensure the fulfilment of basic needs, requirements, and expectations. It is essential for us to understand both the users and the environment they navigate in, in order to design effective wayfinding solutions.

Tunstall A/S

Tunstall A/S, being part of Tunstall Group, is a supplier of solutions and devices that helps citizens across the world gain security at the comfort of their own homes. Both from enabling people to monitor their own health status through the medical device-certified MyMedic hub, which connects monitoring devices, and through the Careline and Lifeline product lines, which let users contact home care and nursing professionals via well-proven durable equipment.

V. Guldmann A/S

Guldmann is a Danish based company that works with the development, manufacture, and sales of welfare technology. 

We strive to provide safe, comfortable and efficient solutions to improve the working environment in the healthcare sector where people need to be lifted, moved and positioned as well as mobilized and rehabilitated.

The Guldmann range of products comprises of ceiling hoists, mobile lifters, slings and lifting accessories-

Our products are designed to be combined, varied and used in a wide range of different ways, enabling us to provide you with a complete solution designed to match your current needs.

Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects

Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects is a full-service firm of architects that works with development and planning, architecture and design. A committed staff of 150 employees transform knowledge, empathy and stance into good solutions. Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects’ long-standing consultancy work with Danish and foreign property developers means that with our extensive experience, we can live up to the professional demands and expectations that are required for all phases of a project process in order to create value for the customer – and to achieve architecture that creates identity and meaning.

Wavecare ApS

Ambient interventions and Wavecare. Exploring the effects of ambient interventions and welfare technology in healthcare has been the main focus of Wavecare for more than a decade. ​The result is innovations, studies and research into ways to reduce stress for staff and patients. ​Specific combinations of Wavecare audiovisual stimulation have a documented calming effect for people in hospitals by distracting from the artificial and alienating environment.