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Wound Care and Infection Control Through Water Adept Water Technologies is a upcoming Danish production and innovation company. Using a highly advanced electrolysis technology, we are able to produce one of the most effective and natural disinfection agents available – hypochlorous acid (HOCl) from drinking water and chloride. Clinical studies have shown that HOCl in a water solution is a highly effective wound care solution with antimicrobial effect, is non-cytotoxic and not associated with adverse effects. These on site production systems will give a price reduction of up to 80% compared to buy conventional wound care solutions in bottles.

What we offer

Frederiksberg Kommune, Denmark - Public Dental Care
In order to prevent microbiologically challenges in the Dental Unit Water Lines Frederiksberg Kommune chose to install BacTerminator Dental on all Dental units. The reason for choosing BacTerminator Dental was to get a verified green technology (Environmental Technology Verification - European Commission) - but also a solution that was legal according to the European Medical Device Directive Class IIA. The system works without any handling of chemicals.
Ellekær 6
2730 Herlev

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