Adwizors is currently offering a range of products within the area of Infection Prevention. We bring professional tools for infection prevention and hygiene training within the health care sector. Adwizors is on the constant search for new tech that can improve hygienic standards and push us to rethink the processes of Infection Prevention. We are exclusive distributors of the SleepAngel medical series and offer the World’s best hypochlorous for disinfection tasks through our brand Hygieia.

What we offer

SleepAngel pillows help brain patients back to everyday life at Neurorehabilitation Copenhagen
Neurorehabilitation Copenhagen helps Copenhageners who need help and rehabilitation after an acquired brain injury. The center was looking for robust and easy-to-clean pillows that could be used in many situations by many different people. To ensure a high level of hygiene between uses and a high level of comfort after repeated use, they chose to invest in the medical pillow from SleepAngel / which offers just that. With the pillows from SleepAngel the staff can now help their patients safely back to the everyday life with comfortable pillows that minimize the risk of cross infection dramatically. The patented design offers optimal comfort in combination with a complete barrier against liquids, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pollen.

Lifesaving pillows with outstanding longevity at OUH
Odense University Hospital have been using the medical pillows from SleepAngel for many years now with great success. While standard microfiber pillows last around +/- 3 months due to mechanical failures, frequent washing and staining, the medical pillows from SleepAngel are still in use after many years.
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