Akva Care

Akva Care delivers documented pressure and pain-relieving products, which can be used to prevent and treat pressure sores. For more than 35 years Akva Care has used the physical properties of water in order to develop the best and most comfortable solutions for people who are either bedridden or confined to a wheelchair.

What we offer

"In my situation with both of my legs amputated, I have to sit in my wheelchair most of the day. That makes it between 10 and 12 hours in my wheelchair every day. Therefore it is of great importance with a comfortable cushion. Such a cushion is the Akva Care cushion. It hasn't giving me any discomfort like soreness or tiredness. Moreover I don't feel that the structure of the cushion has been changing in the period, I have used it. All in all, I will give my strongest recommendations to the Akva Care cushion." Steen Rytter, leg amputee

Testimonal 2
"As a wheelchair user, I have tried different cushions through the years, but always with doubtful results. I have among other things endured a period with pressure sores. Furthermore been sitting on pure foam cushions that I had to change every third month, as they were compressed so much that they couldn't offer me any support. That is why my reaction after I tried the Akva Care cushion was one of great relief. It just feels so good... Now, I can sit without getting sore and the durability of the cushion is not an issue anymore." Margrethe Iversen, mentally disabled
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8680 Ry

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