ArtPlayer is a part of Cumedin ApS, a culture and media company focused on the distribution of art streaming and digital signage art to hospitals, airports, libraries etc. Our vision is to become the leading global provider of art streaming and digital signage art that can be adjusted according to purpose, style and mood for displaying in public spaces and the future digital home.

What we offer

Healing Art in Healthcare
ArtPlayer can be used for improving patient surroundings in hospitals as well as housing environment for elderly in nursing homes. The study “Impact of Visual Art on Waiting Behavior in the Emergency Department” by PhD Upali Nanda and The Center for Health Design concludes that carefully selected visual art intervention can have a positive impact on patient (and visitor) behavior as well as the overall healthcare experience, including: - Reduce perceived waiting time which is more important of patient satisfaction than actual waiting time - Reduce restless behavior by giving patients a positive and calming art distraction to look at while they are in the waiting room - Increase socialization by creating a positive mood with art which can impact social support between patients and caregivers - Decrease front-desk queries which can result in a decrease in staff time and staff stress - Reduce noise level due to reduction in patient stress
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