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BIM Equity is a full service BIM company that offers BIM consulting, BIM services and distributes the BIM technology that makes it all possible. Our aim is to make BIM a worthwhile proposition for the Danish consulting and construction industry by ensuring that the implementation of BIM results in added value for our clients. The team at BIM Equity consists of dedicated BIM experts. With our 360° approach to BIM, we help industry players to implement BIM as a natural working model: We provide benefit for clients, consultants and the future users.

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AI, BIM Equity & BIM Measurement collaboration on BIM-survey
The Panum building that houses the Health Sciences Faculty of the University of Copenhagen is under renovation. The Danish Building & Property Agency (BYGST) is responsible for the renovation. As part of the project developers had to provide a technical base for their consultants. BYGST required digitized drawings in form of 3D BIM models. The team behind the BIM survey consists of AI (architects and engineers), BIM Equity (technology consultants) and BIM Measurement (the provider of the measuring system). This team is the only one to offer 3D measurements directly to Building Information Models while measurement is conducted.
Strandlodsvej 6B
2300 København S

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