Biopeople, Denmark's Life Science Cluster

Biopeople is a neutral catalyst for collaboration between companies and public research, and our strategic priority is to support the paradigm shift in the health care sector, implying a strengthened focus on biomarkers, companion diagnostics, precision / personalized medicine, regulatory science, and stakeholder involvement, incl. patient and investor communities. Our cluster partnership embeds all major public and private research and education in Denmark, a large number of private companies plus the Danish Medicines Agency.
What we offer

“High Tea” is knowledge sharing “light” but with a strong focus on network building. “Open Space Technology Labs” meetings is an open concept, ready to take on various types of meeting concepts e.g. Open Space, Future Search, Café dialogues, Fishbowl. These matchmaking concepts have proven value for researchers and companies.
Universitetsparken 2
2100 Copenhagen

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