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Care4life offers a PEMF treatment device for people with diagnoses such as arthritis, depression, psoriasis and supports athletes for the best possible performance. Care4life ensures cell optimization and facilitates the body's self-healing powers, through an increased blood flow and cell metabolism.

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Football coach, Ove Pedersen
I have used Care4Life 3-4 times a week. Not because I have been injured but because I play football two times a week and coaches football twice a week as well. When using Care4Life the pain in my joints and mucles disappear despite spending many hours on the pitch. Previously, I was only able to play one football match a week and I would feel knackered the following days, but not anymore. Of course I can't go jogging the next day, but the muscle aches are non-existent when performing everyday chores. In addition, my sleep has improved. My wife runs at least 7 kilometers every day. She also uses Care4Life - and experiences the same benefits. In my job as football coach I have used Care4Life for dead legs, pulled muscles and ankle injuries, as well as for overall prevention of injuries.
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