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CareCom A/S is a Danish software company based in Copenhagen, Denmark and is today a leading global vendor of terminology server solutions within the healthcare sector. The product HealthTerm® helps governments, hospitals and healthcare systems with normalization of clinical codes, mapping local laboratory codes to standards, supplying content for EHR systems, and are experiencing an increasing demand for enterprise terminology management. Data is becoming more and more important and critical in healthcare today – having a strong terminology foundation is becoming equally as critical. HealthTerm® is used within some of the world’s largest projects within EHR/HIE implementations such as Orion Health.


What we offer

Orion Health – Terminology Service
Orion HealthTM and CareComTM’s HealthTerm provides enhanced terminology management and data normalization. Orion Health will use HealthTerm’s unique ability to produce normalized data, required in effective exchange of clinical information, from disparate sources of information. Orion Health uses information from a variety of sources to create a single electronic patient health record accessible by payers and providers to support patient care. The system must match information across organizations to a normalized standard to facilitate seamless exchange, better clinical understanding and higher accuracy for reporting and analytics services. HealthTerm’s ability to support these processes and manage data at the terminology level will help Orion Health and its Healthier Populations and Integration customers to comply with the Meaningful Use program and normalization of local content.

The epSOS project
"Smart Open Services for European Patients, epSOS, is a Europe-wide project organized by 27 beneficiaries representing 23 EU member states, including ministries of health, national competence centres and numerous companies. The overarching goal of epSOS is to develop a practical eHealth framework and an Information & Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure that will enable secure access to patient health information, particularly with respect to basic patient summaries and ePrescriptions between different European healthcare systems. One major challenge was to translate all the selected coding systems used in patient summaries and ePrescriptions in order to exchange their contained information across country borders. If a country used other coding systems that the ones selected in the epSOS project they needed to map their national coding systems to the epSOS selected Coding system. But the really big challenge was for all to do it the same way without investing in many different tools for many users. Therefore the epSOS project uses HealthTerm as the 24/7 terminology webserver where all the national translations and mappings are created using the mapping and translation modules. The final results of these endeavours now represents the epSOS Central Reference Terminology Server for all participating countries."
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