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By means of a completely new service in Denmark CEKURA has with proven effect reduced anxiety and motivated to a healthier and more structured lifestyle – both for people with psychological diseases, for people with dementia and for people who are in need of quick emergency response e.g. if a person is assaulted, has a heart attack etc. Further CEKURA ensures safety for elderly and people with physical chronical disease. Both municipalities, private users and companies are using CEKURAs solutions – this is within health care and psychiatry.

What we offer

Innovative Solution

Private citizen. Assault and health issues
Erik is 79 years old and has lived alone in his house for 15 years. Last year, Erik started feeling unsafe after incidents of trespassers and break-ins at his neighbours. In December, Erik experienced nauseous and numbness in his right arm. This made Erik sign up for CEKURA’s personal emergency response system. Erik says: “I’m very happy about CEKURA, both for the sake of myself and my family. Even though you feel strong and capable, unexpected things happen. When they do, it’s comforting that I only have to press one button to get help.”

Svendborg Kommune Psychiatry – a completely new service implemented
The municipality of Svendborg has two residential institutions for people with psychological difficulties – these are anxiety, PTSD, depression and others. CEKURA and Svendborg municipality had a project together with Technological Institute, South Danish Health innovation and Patient@home, where CEKURAs service was tested. Here citizens had access to daily conversations with special CEKURA employees and CEKURA also called citizens daily to help with tasks (this could be reminding of strategies if the person got an anxiety attack or motivating people to prepare dinner). In addition, there was time for just a conversation where we e.g. talk about simply every day’s things. The results showed a decline in anxiety, more stability, better structure and a greater feeling of safety among the citizens who were a part of the project. The CEKURA service is now a part of Svendborg municipality sphere of Social Psychiatry.
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