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Chr. Hansen is a global biotechnology company established in 1874 in Denmark. Our three divisions – Cultures & Enzymes, Natural Colors and Health & Nutrition – all focus on providing natural ingredients and innovative solutions to our partners across a wide range of industries: Food, dairy, dietary supplement, infant formula, pharma and agriculture. We have vast experience in fermenting lactic acid bacteria, and clinically documented probiotics are at the core of Human Health & Nutrition (HHN), a subdivision of Health & Nutrition. Our probiotics specialists work closely together with our customers to create successful probiotic products for today and tomorrow.

What we offer

Innovative Solutions

Happy Enzyme – a highly successful launch of a probiotic product
Happy Enzyme is a Korean company, focusing on selling dietary supplements on TV shopping channels. In 2013 Happy Enzyme launched their first product, containing probiotics from Chr. Hansen. Within the very first year the probiotic product was a huge and legendary success. Essential factors for the tremendous success were Chr. Hansen’s high reliability and excellent probiotic expertise built up over many years as well as Happy Enzyme’s knowledge of the Korean market, resulting in a carefully targeted launch strategy that worked out extremely well.

Yovis Regola - an award-winning probiotic product
Yovis Regola is a product that combines probiotics and fiber, i.e. a convenient 2-in-1 solution. It was launched by Avantgarde/Sigma-Tau in Italy in 2011, and in 2012 it was awarded the consumer prize “Product of the Year 2012” for its innovative qualities and high degree of user satisfaction. The product is a good example of a successful team effort – Chr. Hansen bringing unique probiotic know-how and a state-of-the-art technology platform to the table, and Avantgarde/Sigma-Tau using this as a stepping stone for a successful commercial market positioning.
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