Corti is a decision support platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Corti’s models are trained on thousands of hours of audio data, containing an incredibly varied set of different features and situations that people encounter from all over the regions we operate in. Corti’s models are therefore likely exposed to uncommon situations where people might act differently than the stereotypical pattern. These situations could in most cases be ignored by human operators but picked up due to our abundant training data.  During a medical interview, Corti uses the audio information from past interviews, never forgetting a thing and drastically reducing medical errors. By translating human languages through technology, Corti can identify important patterns in live interviews and alert the healthcare professional of critical illnesses, such as cardiac arrest. As a result, we can help drastically reduce medical errors and therefore, empower the heroes of the healthcare sector.

What we offer

Corti has built an artificial intelligence that is capable of analyzing patient interviews in text, video, or audio formats, and detecting whether there is a high risk of COVID-19. The AI has already learned from more than 100,000 medical interviews about COVID-19 through their partnership with MedicOne at Harbourview Medical Center in Seattle, starting from the very beginning of the pandemic. Corti is now using these learnings to provide the healthcare sector with the best solutions possible.

Cardiac Arrest in EMS Departments
In Copenhagen, the EMS has applied Corti’s artificial intelligence to recognize cardiac arrest and support real-time decision making at the dispatch centre. Currently, the artificial intelligence solution can correctly identify approximately 85 per cent of cardiac arrests – compared to approximately 75 per cent recognized by medical dispatchers. This translates into 150 more patients now being recognized prior to the ambulance arriving, ultimately increasing chances of surviving a cardiac arrest. Corti provides a complete platform for real-time medical decision-support with build-in powerful critical illness detection models powered by state-of-the-art machine learning.
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