CREO ARKITEKTER has a wide range of competencies and the company possesses a strong professional core competency in the Health/Hospital area. The company’s competencies within this area include consulting services that include building-consultancy without project, general and function planning, general consulting that meet user needs, along with financial- and risk management in all phases. With technical inspection and follow-up as a closing service on the project. Our strength lies in that we combine our years long experience with a new generation of thinkers, creators and developers. The ideas of our staff are just as varied as their educational backgrounds and it is through this relationship that we discover the best solutions. 

What we offer

New Aalborg University Hospital - NAU
New Aalborg University Hospital (NAU) is organized around a street space. This is where you arrive and get informed and it is also the place where patients, relatives and staff meet and stay during breaks. The main starting point was closeness and short walking distances. Spatial intensity and clear variation was the outcome. The functions of the Hospital are placed around the central street area like independent building volumes, creating least possible distances between functions and a high degree of interaction. The separate functions are placed over the main street enabling best possible transport routes and workflow. The Hospital is both filled with character, clarity and is open to expansion. It works its way through the landscape - exchanges with it and follows the terrane in a rhythmic continuum. A shape that in the same instance connects the university, hospital and landscape.

Hospital Lillebælt Kolding
Based on a very precise architectural and clinical function, based analysis succeeded in creating the foundation for an exceptionally solid architectural and functional cohesion between old and new. The new hall, surgical ward, x-ray department, emergency department and in patient department ensures, through its interaction with the existing volumes, that the new hospital appears with a whole new identity. The hospital has a deeply rooted green identity, with its focus on climate and energy, and therefore manages to merge the elements of healing architecture and the principles of sustainability. The synergy between the elements of Healing architecture and the sustainability concept is pointing towards the hospital of the future, with people at the center and with great social and architectural expression.

Hospital Sønderjylland Aabenraa
The expansion of Hospital Sønderjylland Aabenraa includes joint emergency reception + family home (mother/child center), surgical ward, intensive care unit, cardiological bed unit, laboratories, medicine room, blood bank, sterile center etc. The placement of the joint emergency reception has created a new optimal treatment flow with an emergency axis, that enables quick access from the reception to the existing surgical ward. The public traffic is thereby separated from the emergency entrance, which makes that the focus is on the patient. The project is based on a precise functional analysis of existing conditions in order for an ideal placement of new features. The result of the two precise locations separate the hospital in two, an ambulatory part and a part designed for bedridden patients.

Middelfart Hospital Forensic Psychiatry
The expansion and rebuilding of Middelfart Hospital Forensic Psychiatry was launched with the vision of creating an integrated facility that as fully developed will be a contemporary and future proof department able to handle all of the region’s patients. The ambition was to create the best conditions for psychiatric care for patients and caregivers, with lots of space, clarity and flexibility as key concepts. Bright environments that are in harmony with the surrounding natural environment, ensuring patient integrity through medical progress and calling for reflection, based on their own needs and beliefs. It has created a balance between clinical safety versus humanism, with a homely atmosphere and space for contemplation. In addition, there are outdoor areas, as well as soft and humane habitats, juxtaposed with clinical features, which radiates efficiency, cleanliness, and professionalism.
Østerbro 5, 1. floor
5000 Odense C

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