Daman is a software product house and digital agency specialized within healthcare. We build innovative software products and offer consultancy, advice, services and solutions that enable the use digital media in healthcare in an ideal way. We believe that the use of intelligent technologies and a data-driven approach will provide better healthcare services to the individual, while reducing the public healthcare costs at the same time. We are a team of user experience designers, creative strategists, anthropologists, data scientists and programmers with a passion to change healthcare and work in close partnerships with leading stakeholders.

What we offer

RheumaBuddy: empowering people with Rheumatoid Arthritis
We want people with rheumatoid disease to be able to gain greater control of their disease. For that reason, we invited rheumatologists and patient organizations to join us and co-create a unique tool built through the HealthBuddy platform. RheumaBuddy is a personal diary and a community. Users can rate their symptoms on a day-to-day basis, and RheumaBuddy summarizes the separate entries and provides a comprehensive overview. In the community embedded in the service, people can offer help and receive advice. The EULAR award-winning app is available in over 30 countries in Europe, and we are proud to call RheumaBuddy the European market leader.frameworks combined with treatment specifications and knowledge from the different dilemma scenarios. The digital tool supports both patients and physicians in making the right treatment choice in a joint effort.

Kræftværket app for Rigshospitalet
A group of researchers and young people with cancer based in Rigshospitalet, one of the leading and highly-specialized hospitals in Denmark, called for our help: how can we utilize digital technologies to help both young people with cancer and healthcare professionals? Our solution, which was created during an exciting co-development process with oncologists, young people with cancer and the hospital, is a digital service we call Kræftværket. The tracking tool enables users to receive advice and help in videos and engage in ongoing discussions also from afar. The generated data are used in a combined research and development project that aims to collect data-driven evidence to improve cancer treatments.
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