DigiCorpus ApS

DigiCorpus develops digital aids, which increases quality of training and rehabilitation in Rehabilitation Activity Centre The patients' own home. This will free up human resources to be allocated with greater needs and DigiCorpus hereby creates value for patients. Our solutions are known under the designations virtual training and virtual computer-assisted rehabilitation. Citizens can be offered flexible rehabilitation which will enable them to maintain their daily routines. Citizens and patients in sparsely populated areas, where transportation costs are relatively high, will have the opportunity to perform qualified training in their own home using DigiCorpus Home trainer with physiotherapeutic feedback and self-monitoring. 


What we offer

Hometrainer + Dashboard
DigiCorpus has performed a clinical test with Municipality of Copenhagen and University of Copenhagen in order to document patient compliance and effect.

We have many case stories. E.g. Lejre Municipality, which will provide its +65 years citizens with increased quality in home training with Home Trainer and DashBoard. Hereto, increased quality of training in its Activity and Rehabilitation Centres with DigiCorpus Center Trainer.
Fruebjergvej 3
2100 Copenhagen OE

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