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DoseSystem reminds citizens when to take their medicine. This enables them better to manage on their own. Relatives can feel secure. The nursing staff at assisted living facilities, in the home care and at nursing homes ensures medicine on time and saves resources. Without lowering the quality of the service or the quality of the lives of the citizens.

What we offer

Digital medicine box reminds elderly citizens to take their medicine
Digitized medicine management for all types of packed and pre-measured medication reduces care costs while improving citizens’ self-reliance and safety. Gladsaxe Municipality in the Capital Region of Denmark and the company DoseSystem have collaborated to pilot test, and implement the medicine box, DoseCan. The medicine box can contain all types of packed and pre-measured medication, dosage boxes and additional medical supplies such as ointments, patches, and drops. The lid has a display that reminds the user, with beeps and blinks, when it is time to take the medicine. The user confirms taking the medicine by pressing an OK button. If the button is not pressed, the municipal homecare staff are immediately alerted and make a call or a visit to check on the citizen. “We went from four teams to a few professionals who now have the complete responsibility. We have been able to use our resources in a more efficient and effective manner.” – Camilla Lynge Ellitsgaard, Healthtech Consultant, Gladsaxe Municipality. Gladsaxe Municipality has invested in integrating the medicine box with their primary care record, which ensures that the solution is set up automatically, and direct advice on lack of receipt in the care system. This means that the municipal home-care staff can log in to just one platform and have only one system to maintain. In the new setup, citizens will get an introduction to the solution and learn to use it at one of the municipality’s 67 so-called temporary homes where citizens can stay during their rehabilitation process.
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