EG is a Scandinavian software company with 1,000+ employees working from more than 20 locations in Scandinavia and Poland. We provide industry specific software solutions to more than 17,500 public and private customers.

EG deliver solutions to the social and healthcare sector, like EG Optima, a system for handling activity-based planning at hospitals, EG Sensum that covers administrations and providers in the specialized social care and eldercare sector and EG Clinea for doctors, a practitioner system for the medical and administrative tasks of the clinic and EG ClinicCare, a practitioner system for psychologists and chiropractors.

EG - let's go further.

What we offer

EG Sensum
"We have placed great demands on the cohesion of the social care IT system that will be supporting a large number of work procedures digitally. Not only procedures of caseworkers and educational staff working in the field of children and adults in the various departments, but also procedures across organizational boundaries. One common IT system for four departments opens the doors to new professional possibilities. The citizen MUST be at the centre – also when it comes to IT. We are convinced that EG is just the right partner to perform this task." Henrik Vind, development consultant, Silkeborg Municipality Link:

EG Clinea
"EG Clinea is a future-proof IT solution that combines all the clinic's tasks and routines together. Stable, high ease of use and flexible log-on effectively support all workflows, optimize patient management and minimize errors. The system also contains a perfect E-learning module for teaching and in-house training. EG Clinea lends itself to modern practice - a medical system that is intuitive, fast, provides overview and supports flexible working conditions in the clinic." Jannik Falhof, doctor and clinic owner, Grenaa Link:
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