Enversion A/S was founded in 2009. We develop AI-assisted healthcare and AI-powered accounting automation to design, build and implement decision support systems dedicated to the healthcare and finance sectors in Denmark. Currently, we help Danish Regions process huge amounts of healthcare data from electronic health records, laboratory systems, patient administrative systems, etc. Besides we help larger organizations optimize internal procedures by automating accounting and procurement processes. Our main focus is to create intelligent AI solutions for data-driven decision-making. Our toolbox contains the newest data science techniques: Machine learning, data mining, text mining, and operations research. Our mission: To deliver the market's smartest data solutions and use data to make the world a better place!

What we offer

Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS)
Enversion A/S is the IT provider in the CDSS project. The project is a clinical decision support system that, using artificial intelligence, will help health professionals in municipalities and hospitals identify citizens at risk of emergency hospitalization. We are inventing the artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to be used in the project.

Automated accounting at The North Denmark Region
A digital assistant has been trained to recognize patterns based on historical behavior in The North Denmark Region invoice management. Every night, the digital assistant assesses all invoices from that day, which leaves the client with: - Many human resources released to be used elsewhere - An overall quality of the posting that has been significantly increased - A solution that makes sure that far more incidents of accidental double and error billing are captured.

Eia – Enversion Intelligent Assistant supports the procurement process
Many larger organizations spend lots of resources negotiating favorable procurement agreements. Agreements that are not necessarily being met by all of the organization's employees. Our digital assistant, Eia, will alert all employees to the existing procurement agreements when he or she uses Google or any other search features online or within an internal system to search for a product or service to purchase.

Building a dynamic knowledge bank to prevent late effects of breast cancer treatment.
During the next five years, Enversion will work closely with some of Denmark's best medical doctors and researchers in the field of breast cancer, to develop and build a dynamic knowledge bank. Enversion will make use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the creation of the knowledge bank, which will ultimately support doctors and therapists in predicting, treating and preventing late effects of breast cancer treatment.
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