eye-D Innovation

We provide front-end innovation, design and engineering of medical devices, equipment and packaging, delivering real value - on time. Through our game changing strategy, we bring positive change to people and change our clients’ businesses for the better.


What we offer

Mini-Med Medtronic QuickSet
Medtronic's most popular infusion set. Mini-Med Medtronic Quick Set is an user friendly single dispose insulin dispenser. The set consists of a low profile disconnect at the infusion site, 90-degree soft cannula and a virtually painless insertion. The Quick Set was designed for a new market. The great customer design and the new market potential made the dispenser the most popular Medtronic infusion set. "During one week´stay in Copenhagen, the complete development and design of our succesful QuickSerter was accomplished. Impressive!"- Jason Safabash Project manager Mini-Med Medtronic

Convatec Comfort Infusion Set
Convatec turbocharged their business: Patent + price increase of EUR 6 = earnings of EUR 17 million in 1998. Convatec Comfort Infusion set is the first infusion set in the world with angled insertion and at-site disconnection. The set is a user friendly single dispose insulin dispenser. The ease-of-use and descreet design makes Comfort one of the most popular infusionset in the world. The innovative product developed produces patents securing the unique product. Together with the new innovative Comfort and the produced patents the earnings during the first years were more than EUR 17 million.
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